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Owings Closet & Storage

Closet and Storage

We can organize any room in your home with our Owings Closet and Storage Systems.  Let our experts help you choose the closet and storage system best for you and then have it installed in no time at all!  Owings Closet & Storage will offer you a variety of organizational features for every room in the house.  Our enclosed brochure will show options for walk-in closets, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, garages and craft rooms.  Enjoy browsing and give us a call if you would like an estimate for your home.

Closet Survey

See our Owings Closets & Storage brochure for all of your storage needs and also scroll down for our closet survey to complete an inventory list.  The completed survey will ultimately give our designers the ability to create a unique closet system for you.  See below several tips to help you prepare for the type of closet and storage system you need for your home.
Step 1:  Empty your closet of everything.
Step 2:  Organize your items in categories; keep, donate, sell or toss.
Step 3:  If you are working in a clothes closet you can decide on what you have worn in the past 6 months. A helpful tip to consider is to hang all the hangers backward and every time you wear an item turn the hanger forwards.  What hasn’t been worn donate.
Step 4:  Once you know what you have to store you can take the closet survey below and then decide what you will need in your closet system.
Step 5:  Speak with one of our design consultants to help design the closet you need.
We thank you for taking the time to review this brochure and want you to know that we are continually evolving to offer our customers the most excellent remodeling experience possible!

Closet Survey

Closet & Storage Brochure