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Ellicott City Family Room & Kitchen Makeover

Jun 11, 2011 | Howard County, Kitchen

Owings Home Services

The exterior of the existing structure was not modified except for the relocation of some windows and the residing of the exterior sunroom. The homeowner is able to use more of the home than ever before and the new design lends itself to family gatherings and entertaining. Moving an entire kitchen to a lower level, which was on a concrete slab, created plumbing, electric and HVAC issues.

Parson Residence / Owings Home Services

They never liked the kitchen or dining area and very seldom used the sunroom. The problem was lack of additional space available on their lot to expand. To gain more space within the footprint of the home we had to relocate the powder room and reduce the size of the office, as well as, remove a bearing wall. The kitchen needed to incorporate part of the existing sunroom space and that required addition of a beam and reconfiguration of windows and doors. This remodel offered the homeowner the opportunity to entertain at the frequency and level they have always desired, but due to improper allocation of space was never able to do so. The change offers a more dramatic feel when entering the home.

Before Photos of Ellicott City Makeover

After Photos of Ellicott City Makeover