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Porch & Sunroom Additions

sunroom addition

Sunrooms & Screened Porches Bring the Outdoors – In

Enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the year with a sunroom or porch addition without the irritation of bugs and inclement weather.  You can bring natural light and spaciousness to your home while offering the interior décor a taste of the natural beauty of its surroundings.

These rooms are sometimes referred to as conservatories or solariums, whichever label you use these additions typically consist mostly of windows or screens with easy accessibility to the outdoors.   The windowed walls offer fresh air, as well as, a scenic environment.

remodeled sunroom with contemporary interior design

Your first decision, once you plan to remodel your home with a sunroom or screened porch addition, is location.  Those homeowners that live in the North may desire this addition to be added to their southern exposure, for this will offer the most light for a longer time period.  If you live in the South you may wish to have the room added to the northern side of your home to keep the room cooler.  Many windows allow light but also can draw heat into your space.  The house addition with a western orientation will need window coverings like shades or blinds to help shield the room from the hottest afternoon sun.  Choose window treatments that can be raised and lowered to offer the best options, depending on your mood.   Place on the eastern exposure of the house will offer sunrise light and will be shady in the afternoon and evening as the sun sets.

sunroom addition to cape cod

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of a sunroom or screened porch addition is the additional square footage added to the footprint of your home.  Sunrooms and screened rooms can offer additional seating and dining and a more relaxed atmosphere than some of the more formal rooms in your home.  These beautiful spaces can also allow for the best light and climate for house plants and trees to enhance the feeling of being outdoors while indoors.

Baltimore porch construction with fireplace

Make the most of your home and property by considering a sunroom or screened porch addition.  They are usually less costly than other additions and greatly improve the enjoyment of your home.  Check out some of our completed work in our gallery.