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Contemporary & Modern Design in Maryland

contemporary interior design with modern art
MBIA Remodeling Award

Contemporary Design Style is often defined by clean lines with a casual atmosphere, open spaces, neutral colors and elements and materials inspired by nature.  While modern interiors have been considered cold and minimalist, today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered or dark.  This style can be used in homes, apartments, stores and offices.

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“Everything from the beginning of design and selection process to the final result was professional and made easy. We had a great experience with all employees and contractors that were involved in our project. We love our newly renovated home!”

Cody Walker

“From design creation with Joe, to Craig the project manager to Tom the incredibly capable lead carpenter, I can not praise them enough for their professionalism and attention to detail. They are truly a cohesive team who communicate well with each other and with their customer.”

Carmen Salvaterra

“Owings Brothers has top notch employees and they take the stress away from a renovation. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Owings Brothers on renovation jobs. They really are the ones to bring my ideas to life!! As a successful Interior Designer I cannot say enough about their work ethic and professionalism.”

Kim Karlsen

contemporary condo interior design A rule of thumb would be, less is more!  Basics, bare, bold and structural, nothing cute and small and stay away from excessive details and floral or busy prints.  Let furniture and accessories make a bold statement.  Choose a favorite piece that will stand out and your favorite color with a neutral background.   The flooring should be wood, tile or vinyl, smooth and bare, but if you need to add carpet for sound reduction or warmth choose a geometric patterned rug.

Contemporary homes many times have an unusually shaped frame, an open floor plan, over-sized windows, and use re-purposed components.   The use of natural light also plays a big role, so large and expansive windows are a common feature of such homes and the design tends to fit into the surrounding landscape. The elements that characterized modern architecture were thought to be too cold and impersonal by many.  The contemporary style, as is recognized today, was developed due to this opinion.  Much like the modern style, contemporary style connects indoor and outdoor spaces, but it adds some personal touches and warmth throughout the living space. Although people sometimes use the terms “contemporary” and “modern” architecture interchangeably, they technically are not synonymous.  Modern architecture refers to the building style of the early to mid-20th century and featured clean lines with an emphasis on function.

Contemporary/Modern architecture often seeks to take old buildings and structures and reuse them in innovative and fresh ways. This might entail extensive renovations that dramatically change the look, layout, or function of the space. This style often ties easily to work by previous architects and designers.  This is especially true, since it often uses fairly traditional materials, such as steel and concrete.