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Second Floor Addition

Expanding the Footprint of Your Home

Feeling squeezed for space in your family home?  Do you live in a neighborhood that you love and you would prefer not to move, but you need to expand your home to meet your growing family needs?  A second floor addition may be a perfect solution.  This type of expansion in a home does not require any extra land to be developed and may be just the right idea for a home on a small lot.  There are several ways to add this second floor addition to your home.  One way would be to tear off the roof and build the second level and then a new roof.  Another way is to remove the existing roof, save it and then install it back onto the home after the second floor addition has been built.  Lastly, a second floor can be added to an existing garage or a flat roof porch, shrinking the size of the addition needed.

A second floor addition is not a simple project.  It is important to find a contractor with experience in these types of remodels and to obtain information on the process and cost.  An experienced remodeler will have professional colleagues such as: engineers, architects and designers to offer their expertise.   Most second floor additions require an engineer’s professional service by developing detailed plans, because the original structure may or may not be able to bear the weight of an additional story.   An architect must design the flow and fit of the second floor interior and exterior, so that it will blend well with the existing home.  The contractor and architect will also help with the selection of stair placement and window position, so that you can capture the best views and have the most privacy.  Second floors offer a view point that first floor living does not.  This is just another plus in choosing to add a second floor.

Second Floor Addition Photos

Some points to consider when choosing to build upward instead of outward:

Vacate your home during the process.  This is an invasive remodel that requires removal of the roof, exposing the inside of your home.  A contractor with experience in this type of remodel knows all they need to protect your home during the process.  Adding a second floor requires more demolition, re-working of the electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems, so many trades must be involved.  An expert general contractor will have the best trade contractors available to them.  Also the consideration of placement for the set of stairs to reach the new level is of the utmost importance, since this will affect the living space on the first floor.

Choosing to add a second floor to your home can be more cost effective than an addition adjacent to the present first floor footprint.  Why? No need to build a foundation.  This can be one of the more costly items in a remodeling project.

So, stay in your present home and just “Top it Off!”