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Anne Arundel County Home Remodel

This house sat on a mature lot and the first hurdle to overcome was the need for a two-car garage.  The only solution available was to design a detached garage, which given the placement of the house allowed us just enough room to incorporate a driveway to access the rear yard where the garage is now located.  The second priority was the need of an exterior makeover.  The approach had to be simple, clean.  A new identified front entry cover was incorporated, re-siding the house with Hardiplank siding, re-roofing and updating windows. The last of the priorities was a new first-floor living plan that included an expanded kitchen, dining room and the real bonus, a screened-in porch that could be accessible from a ramp off of the driveway.  This was constructed as an addition to the rear of the home with a bump up shed dormer allowing additional direct lighting to the kitchen area dividing this new large room for use as a dining room, as well.  Fortunately, due to the new driveway location the screened porch and ramp fit nicely into the new footprint and landscaping plan.  The end result of this remodel was fresh new spaces with a clean cosmetic exterior overhaul.

Happy Customer tells about their remodel and experience. Including a kitchen, dining room,
bathroom, screened porch, front entry and garage renovation.

The Crew did everything they could to keep us comfortable and the place clean. Tim M.

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Before & During Pasadena Remodeling Photos

After Pasadena Remodeling Photos