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Barn Doors – Functional & Stylish!

From the Stable to the City

Beauty and the Beast?  These new and improved doors have made their way into homes all across the country.  Their humble heritage, keeping the livestock in, has become a trendy way to close off a room or stairway or even a shower stall.  The barn door concept offers heavy duty metal hardware with a wood, but can be metal, a door that slides horizontally.  These doors are great when opening a wall for a pocket door isn’t feasible or cost prohibitive, but can’t afford the space for a door to swing, as in a small bathroom.  Perhaps you have a very large opening that needs to be closed off at times for quiet, as in this theater room, and you don’t want to have a wall of doors.


The barn doors of today can come in all shapes and sizes, from ultra-modern to rustic and are great if space is limited.  Another beautiful detail for these very popular doors is the variety of hardware available to make them your own design.  From shiny chrome to black iron these doors can represent your custom taste and price.  They can be authentic barn wood to MDF, whatever your style, a barn door can be created to meet it!