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Beverage Center Ideas

Sep 2, 2020 | Kitchen, Specialty Projects

Dining Room Wine Storage

Kitchen Beverage Center

Whether you are considering a home bar, kitchen beverage center, coffee bar, or wine cellar the options are limitless.  If you love to entertain at home then keeping a space separate for beverages of any kind can be a great benefit.  Whether you choose to use your beverage station for a place the kids can grab a soda, water, or juice box quickly or an adult-only station for wine and beer the kitchen beverage center is a great idea.

The central focus of any beverage center is the refrigerator.  Perhaps you had a mini frig in your dorm room years ago and that is your only source of reference?  Well, the mini-fridge doesn’t hold a candle to the new beverage centers.  Some of the differences you will see between the two are as follows:

Mini Fridge

  • Opaque doors
  • Different storage compartments
  • Open space for venting on both sides of the unit
  • One option for cooling all types of food and temperatures are usually 40 degrees

Beverage Centers

  • Opaque doors with UV resistant glass panels
  • Different storage compartments for specific beverages
  • Sleeker design
  • Ventilation is on the bottom so they can be freestanding or built-in
  • Different temperature zones to maintain optimum temperatures for a variety of beverages
  • Interior lighting
  • Preprogrammed smart controls
  • Alarms if overheating occurs or door is left open
  • More energy-efficient and quieter
  • Capable of holding large amounts of wine, cans, and liter bottles
kitchen beverage station
kitchen beverage refrigerator
New beverage center in kitchen dining room remodel

Beverage Station Design Ideas

As you plan your new beverage station there are several things to consider.  Where will you place it and what size works for your needs?  As you choose to customize this space it may make sense to keep it near the kitchen.  Think about the convenience of having your drinks close to the area you usually prep food and serve.

Strategically Positioned

Creating a beverage center near the kitchen or dining area makes serving your guests or even self-serve more convenient and efficient. This is especially beneficial if you are entertaining.  Another great idea would be to include your bar in a Butler’s Pantry.

Storage Space

Creating stylish storage in a small space takes planning.  Pre-built cabinets that match the ones in your kitchen work well perhaps with a lighted, glass front to store glasses. Maybe open shelving is more of your style to show off your liquor and glass collection.

Hide it Away

A  cabinet in the living room or dining room can work for a home bar by customizing it with access to an electrical outlet.  The beauty of this option is that you can hide it away when not in use and also install a lock for the safety of children.


Functional task lighting can be a great addition to your beverage center making prep work easier.  This can also be a mood setter bringing a bit of sparkle by lighting up the various glasses and bottles.  This option is especially good if you choose to place your beverage station in a living room or dining room that usually do not have bright lighting available.

Beverage Centers are all the rage but if you are interested in installing a full-featured home bar you may consider reading our blog post on Home Bar Design.