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Board Room Renovation

Hospital Renovates Board Room

A local hospital decided to update their conference center board room, bathrooms, kitchen and foyer after repairing outdated plumbing.  The update is a tremendous improvement over the more than thirty year old design and style for the center.  Needing to bring the board room into this millenium with new technology was a priority as was creating a comfortable environment where attendees often spend three full days in meetings.  

Technology Update

Meetings held today are in need of technology at your fingertips.  Most attendees to executive board meetings bring their electronic device such as laptops and notebooks to make presentations and or take notes.  The original board room for this conference center was standard fare for the 1980’s with a conference table and chairs but no where to plug in a device or  blue tooth technology to mirror presentations to the four large television screens that now occupy the walls.  

In this new design each attendee has their own place for charging and the room has wireless internet connectivity and state of the art smart televisions with blue tooth capabilities making presentations easily visible to all.  Along with the priority of latest technology was the improvement of the over all sound for presentations and event speakers.  The solution was to enhance the tray ceiling with sound proof panels that keep sound at attendee level and offer everyone the ability to hear clearly what is being presented.  

Remodeled Board Room for Style & Comfort

The hospital administration wanted to create a stylish and comfortable board room to accommodate at least 26 persons.  To provide for this size meeting a custom 30 foot wood conference table was ordered and installed.  The table was equipped with access panels to charging stations for each person.  Chairs were chosen for comfort and style with built-in lumbar support and thick cushions to provide  a more enjoyable experience for the customary long meetings.

The wallpapered and stickwood  walls also provided extra sound absorbtion making for a quieter room.  A wall of windows bring attendees into the atmosphere of a park-like setting where this conferernce center is located.  Chandeliers and recessed lights are dimable and provide the meeting coordinator ability to set the mood desired.  All in all a great improvement over the previous board room.

Before Board Room Remodel

Originally built as a residence the mansion now accommodates executive offices on the second floor accessed by a beautifully renovated spiral staircase.

Another important renovation was completed in the kitchen of the conference center utilized for catering meetings and events.  An adjacent living room with fireplace, dining room and a wall of windows allows the beauty of nature to be seen by guests making it perfect for entertaining.  The board room also occupies the first-floor making serving refreshments to attendees convenient.

Before Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

After Board Room Remodel