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Contemporary Interior Renovation

Contemporary Inner Harbor Condominium

A Baltimore couple streamlines a townhouse for the Harbor views.  This homeowner wanted a design with unobstructed views of the Baltimore harbor and cityscape and fulfill the needs of their family.  They desired a light, minimalist design and open floor plan for their contemporary interior renovation.  With the architectural design of Virginia Navid, the couple was able to achieve the desired end result for this condominium.

The entrance to this townhome is at wharf level then one flight of stairs leads to main living area.  In the original plan, there was a powder room and hallway that blocked the view of the water at this level.   To open the floor plan the powder room was placed under the third-floor stair and removed the hallway altogether.  The kitchen, living and dining spaces share the view of the harbor and a soft, monochromatic palette compliments the water view.  Automatically directing your eyes to the outdoor view in lieu of the inside decor.

The kitchen design is free of clutter and the cabinetry is continued in the living and dining space.  To divide the kitchen the architect dropped the ceiling nine inches, created a breakfast bar and hung pendant lighting.  Stainless steel appliances and exhaust hood add an industrial quality.  The living area includes a glass and metal stairway to the third floor which houses the master suite.  This space is complete with an oversized soaking tub with a large window taking in the picturesque view.  The homeowner’s antiques stand out in this neutral, minimalistic design and offer color and texture.

This townhome has a fourth floor and the couple created an office, storage, and additional entertainment area.  A guest suite was also incorporated on this floor and glass sliding walls on metal tracks close off the spare bedroom and office.  Off of the fourth floor, available to guests, a private sky patio with a panoramic view of the Baltimore waterfront, which is one of their favorite features for this contemporary interior renovation. Contemporary Interior Renovation