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Contemporary Interior Remodel

Waterfront Home Renovation

This young family recently moved into their dream home.  After searching for some time, the perfect house came on the market in an affluent neighborhood in Anne Arundel County that allows for access to the Severn River from their property.   From a family of avid sailors, the homeowner is now training up the next generation (their young boys) to sail.   This home’s location, allowing for a boat dock, gives them plenty of opportunity for enjoying their favorite pastime.  Since the home did not meet their needs they decided to call Owings Brothers to complete their contemporary interior remodel.

The homeowner wanted the house to be updated to reflect this millennium and their distinctly modern tastes.  Owings’ renovations stayed within the footprint of the home and completely altered the look and feel of almost every space in this contemporary interior remodel.  From “stem to stern” their home was redesigned to offer light-filled open spaces with smooth, crisp lines and contemporary products that shine and blend, giving the interior of the home a peaceful, clean expansive feel.

One of the more impacting changes was the removal of the wall separating the dining area from the kitchen.  This allowed for an innovative and creative focal point of an over-sized aquarium to create a separation of the two areas.

Contemporary Fish Tank Wall

Aquarium as a divider between dining room and kitchen by Owings Brothers Contracting.

The photo above gives you a glimpse of the kitchen, as you are looking into the dining area and staircase to the upper level and slide to the lower level.  This is one of the more dramatic changes you will see in this whole house remodel.  The dated cabinets, tops, fixtures etc… were replaced with a large modern island, disappearing coffee bar/ beverage station and pantry.  The cabinets are from, Poliform a German manufacturer, and are of the Varenna collection.  To “top it off” counters were created from Silestone’s White Zeus Extreme and Cemento Suede. (Check out more photos below.)

As we continue our tour of this unique and contemporary home interior, take a look at the transformation of the staircase to the second floor.  The heavy wood rail and balusters gave this staircase a dated and rustic look.  The beautiful transformation of this caterpillar to a butterfly offers a light and floating feel that gives the look of a suspended stairway to the second floor.

If that isn’t enough to cause you to gasp, take a look at the next staircase change this family chose, a whimsical way to descend to the “hull” of this ship, their very own slide!  You won’t believe your eyes.

Home & Design Magazine featured this project in their Fall 2017 issue, “Fresh Start”

Are we having fun yet?  Yes, we are!  The homeowner’s children were game for a little fun, as they gave a working exhibit of how this new and functional transport works to the lower level of the home and their playroom, sure to delight young and old alike.

On this same lower level there is also a home gym which includes a home office.  The office does its own disappearing act keeping important documents safe and allowing extra privacy for that important business call.  Take a look at this hide-a-way office.

We mustn’t forget the new spa for the busy breadwinners of the household.  The master bath was completely overhauled to a new and much-improved spa retreat for these homeowners.  The garish dark green sunken tub was replaced with a sleek and modern freestanding tub and the toilet/shower room was eliminated.  To add a little privacy to the new commode a glass wall was erected.  An open walk-in shower was included with spray jets and a picturesque view of the river for our homeowner’s enjoyment.

Walk-in Shower & Freestanding Tub

Everyone has a dream.  This family was able to make theirs a reality.  Their newly remodeled home looks nothing like it did before on the inside, but the outside is still boasting the beauty of nature, the real reason they chose this location in the first place.

You can have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes.  Call Owings Brothers and create your dream space.

Before Contemporary Waterfront Remodel

After Contemporary Waterfront Remodel