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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dec 10, 2018 | Kitchen

Dramatic Remodels with Dark Kitchen Cabinets


Dark kitchen cabinets can add drama and sophistication to your home. When choosing dark cabinets keep in mind that they will especially stand out against light colored back-splashes or counter-tops and light color painted walls. To bring a bold look to your kitchen choose dark cabinets to add stunning beauty to this space.

In the photo of the kitchen below light granite counter-tops were installed, a white glass tile back-splash and light gray ceramic tile floor causing a breathtaking contrast with the dark stained cabinets and also adding a light reflective quality. Even more, drama completes this beautiful kitchen as lighted cabinets show off the homeowner’s collection of art glass. The simplicity of dark cabinets offer a clean and classic style and are a favorite with those who have modern or contemporary tastes. If the kitchen is lighted properly dark kitchen cabinets can be very elegant and luxurious.

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What are some of the cons you may discover when considering dark kitchen cabinets? If you choose this style cabinet it will require that you pay special attention to the lighting design in the kitchen. Darker cabinets are not as light reflective as their lighter, brighter counterparts, so to avoid a dark and cave-like kitchen incorporate more lighting. Several lighting treatments you can choose are; under-cabinet lighting, in-cabinet lighting and for task lighting overhead pendants and recessed lights. All of these options will allow for your kitchen to be lit in a way that expands what the eye sees and helps bring drama to dark kitchen cabinets.

Another possible difference is dust and food particles seem to show up more easily on dark cabinets as can scratches and dings. This may require greater attention to wiping down the cabinets and perhaps keeping a cabinet cover stick nearby for touch-ups.

Do the negatives outweigh the positives? You decide. A formal, luxurious, stunning kitchen versus a little more attention to clean up. Contact our interior design team if you have questions as you create your kitchen remodeling design.

Kitchen Ideas with Dark Cabinets