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Ellicott City Renovation

Natural Light and Neutral Color Scheme

This family home has morphed over the years prior to our client’s ownership.  The original house built in 2003 needed improvement in the floorplan as well as updating appliances, fixtures, and overall style to meet their needs.  Our client loved the Ellicott City location which is very private with mature landscaping but needed it to fit their family’s lifestyle including an open floor plan and more natural light.

mature landscaping home setting

As you can see by the before and after images below the rooms were dark and small.  We needed to open things up with more windows and lighter color schemes.  Ultimately the Ellicott City renovation required us to move the kitchen to another part of the home.

family room off of kitchen ellicott city family room off of kitchen ellicott city

The original kitchen was incorporated into the family room doubling the room in size and providing extra natural light.  Now all the family can gather together with plenty of room for their beloved dog.  The sofa view of the room is now occupying the space that was once the cramped, dark kitchen.

family room off of kitchen ellicott city

Kitchen Relocation within the Footprint

The floor plan included some odd spaces such as a room that sat between the kitchen and the living room.  This space was a long narrow area somewhat like a hallway but much larger.  Our clients previously used the space for a few pieces of furniture that resembled a sitting area.  Another gathering area such as this was unnecessary.  They already had a family room and a living room which adequately supplied the family with all the gathering space that was needed.

The decision was made to create a throughway from the expanded family room to the new kitchen.  This space now became a Butler’s Pantry with beautiful cabinetry and counter area for the coffee/beverage station and storage of larger serving dishes.    Artwork now adorns the wall opposite the cabinetry and adds warmth and color.

butler's pantry and walk through to new kitchen butler's pantry and walk through to new kitchen

One of the most important changes made to this home was the relocation of the kitchen.  We were able to provide our clients with the floorplan they desired without expanding the footprint of the home.  The original living room, outdated and seldom used was recreated into a light, bright, and fully updated kitchen.  White kitchen cabinetry and light granite tops were chosen to add a light-reflective quality.  This is the opposite of the previously cramped kitchen with its dark cabinets, tops, and wall paint.

Adding a wall of windows offering the necessary light for daily tasks such as homework and food preparation was key to the design plan.  All the appliances were also updated and a touch of elegance was added with the lighted cabinet and a natural wood countertop section showing off the client’s collectibles.  The incorporation of a grand seated island for family gatherings and daily meals is now the focal point.

Before Ellicott City Renovation

After Ellicott City Renovation