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Exterior Home Remodel

Anne Arundel County Exterior Home Remodel

This exterior home remodel included increasing the rear and side of the home’s footprint to give the home a grand space that would complement the existing areas.  Architect, Dave Miles, offered his expertise with drawings to create a very interesting and attractive curb appeal to an otherwise drab and ordinary riverfront home.  Since the house had simple traditional elements, the solution was to create good circulation and some interesting architectural elements.

The homeowner desired to create a side entrance that was a warm and inviting welcome to guests.  This played a major part in increasing the home’s curb appeal.  Most of the interior spaces required updating.  These spaces included a new kitchen, family room with fireplace and a master suite.

As you can see by the before and after photos this new and improved exterior home remodel made all the difference!  Notice how the new bright, light gray siding and white trim gives the home a fresh new look.  The new addition of a side entrance made accessibility easier and more convenient from the driveway.   The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome.

Remodel Before & After Photos