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Garage Bump Out Addition

Jul 2, 2019 | Garage Addition

after interior garage remodel

Garage Bump Out Ideas

Are your dreams of buying a motorcycle or taking up a new hobby hindered because your garage is just too packed?  Or perhaps you may need extra space for more tools needed to complete some of the DIY projects you have been dreaming about.  Don’t let your dreams die on the vine why not consider a garage bump out.  This home remodel can offer a more functional garage to homeowners at a fraction of the cost of many home remodeling projects.  Below are some garage bump out benefits:

Free Up Space For Cars – Many homeowners find the garage to be a perfect space for extra storage of holiday decorations, seldom used small appliances, bicycles, the lawnmower, and tools.  This can cause their garage to be a bit cramped and not able to fit both family cars.  Bumping out a small area of the garage to accommodate these items might just be the answer to parking the second car in a protected environment.  Consider adding a small shed-size addition.

Connect to the Home- If you have a detached garage the space between the house and the garage can be an area utilized for a garage bump out.  This addition can provide homeowners access to their garage without braving the elements of nature.  The bump out could provide a new laundry area, storage or allow for a workshop.  This type of garage bump out is a win-win all the way around and can increase the value of a home by making a detached garage attached.

Overhead Space- Let’s not forget if you can’t build out you can always build up.  Although adding space on top of your garage will not provide room for an additional car or lawn tractor it can offer added storage and even provide a studio or hobby shop.  A garage bump out or loft expanding upward can also provide additional living space such as a bonus room for the kids, a home office or guest bedroom.

Garage Bump Out Planning

Where do you begin when considering a garage bump out?  It is not always necessary to tear down walls and add a bump out to increase the space in your garage.  If your garage is packed with too many unnecessary items such as, multiple yard care tools, old sports equipment, outdated bikes, toys or tools it’s time to take stock.  Remove everything from your garage and begin the sorting process by placing items in piles; trash, donations and what you truly want to keep.  This visual will help determine how much additional garage space you actually need.

Once this exercise is complete its time to maximize your garage space.  Several options are available to create an efficient and functional garage such as; vertical storage cabinets, shelving units, bike racks and pegboards for hanging items.  These storage options can keep items off the floor and easily available for use.  Closets and Storage by Owings has a variety of shelving and cabinet sizes and styles to create a clean and clutter-free garage environment.

Bump Out Addition to Garage

After you have determined how you wish to use your garage and all measures have been taken to create space-saving efficiency for functional use you are ready for the next step.  If it is clear a garage bump out is needed then its time for developing the way to add more space.  Make sure that the design you create is directly related to the amount in your remodeling budget.  Fortunately, a garage bump out is more cost-effective than adding an addition to your home.  Garage extensions usually require very little foundation cost as well as insulation and interior finishing details.  Check with your local government to see if building permits are required for the increase in garage space.

The next decision is where to bump out?  Do you wish to have room to extend the garage for adding an additional vehicle?  This would be more costly because it will require another door to be installed, as well as, roof and sturdy flooring expansions.  Adding room for an additional car in most cases will require a building permit and architectural drawings which can bump up the cost.  If you only need a small amount of additional space a 5ft by 12ft bump out, for instance, could be enough area to accommodate a lawn tractor or motorcycle or perhaps a new workbench for tools and the cost of a garage bump out is much less.  A wood-treated deck platform can be used as the foundation and a shed roof could be installed.  Many DIYers can manage this type of remodeling project, but if you don’t know how then contact a local remodeler to find the best way to go.

Take a look at several other home bump out additions that can create much-needed space for a fraction of the cost of a full-fledged addition and provide a better living experience for your family.