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Home Trim Molding

Aug 16, 2019 | Interior Remodeling

wagon spokes lighted ceiling trim

Home Finishes Enhance Design

The finishing touches on a home are important in conveying the homeowner’s unique style.  When remodeling or building a home choosing the right trim molding can make the difference in your spaces’ WOW factor.  Even a minimalistic decor can incorporate base molding and door trim.  Traditional interior design is an excellent style for beefing up the trim molding.  Consider crown molding or a variety of other trim for the baseboard, doors, and ceiling.  Layering various styles will also give a rich and luxurious feel to a room adding texture and interest.

Creating a coffered or tray ceiling can give your room a more formal feel and expand the look of your space.  When choosing this design element trim molding becomes the focal point.  The options for layering various moldings together offer a unique look and can be as varied as one’s imagination.  Another way to make your room stand out is to add ceiling lighting that especially enhances a trey ceiling.  If you prefer a more rustic style, natural hollow or solid wood beams can bring this design the finishing touch.  Pairing this choice with stained baseboard and door trim will complement the rustic feel. The ceilings in your home make up a large area of your rooms.  Including the finishes for this space in your design plans can complete the perfect look for your home.  There are many treatments to choose for your room’s ceiling that add color, texture, artistic design, lighting and more. Take a look at some examples below and be sure when you remodel or build new to incorporate trim moldings for your finishing touch.