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Innovative Ideas for Building a Luxury Walk-In Closet

Innovative Ideas for Building a Luxury Walk-In Closet

Far from being a functional area to store your clothes and accessories, closets have evolved into spaces that offer the ultimate respite – large enough to house your ensembles and comfortable enough to go beyond being just a storage area to a dressing room that you can spend time in without being surrounded by chaos. When it comes to busy mornings, you need to get ready without waking the whole house or, you simply need some breathing room. But the idea of this spacious area is entirely at odds with smaller, overstuffed wardrobes where clothes spill all over the place and items are impossible to find when you need them. The solution is to make space by adding a luxury walk-in closet to your master bedroom that is at once spacious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. And if you need more encouragement, statistics reveal that 60% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for bedrooms with luxury walk-in closets. If you were still wondering if it is worth the investment, you have your answer.


8 Suggestions for Maximizing the Space

The main aspect you want to look at is enhancing your designated walk-in closet space to make it look as big as possible. After all, can you honestly even think of anyone who doesn’t have more stuff than they do space to store it all in? No? Us neither. So here are some clever ideas on how to maximize the space without sacrificing function or style:

  • For large master bedrooms, you can easily get maximum space for your walk-in closet without detracting from your existing floor plan by creating non-load-bearing walls and even opting for a semi-custom closet designed specifically to make the most of your area. For smaller rooms, you might need to take away space from another area of your house to get the closet of your dreams.
  • Keep shelves 14-16 inches deep to accommodate everything from bulky sweaters to thick denims. Also, opt for adjustable shelves that can be raised or lowered, but do space the shelves 10-12 inches apart. And, of course, you have to have high shelves to store off-season or not-in-use items.
  • Angled shelves might look great, but they certainly don’t help you save space. They not only tend to take up more space, but they also restrict what you can store. It’s far easier to space flat shelves close together and get more storage space in.
  • You can get a lot of extra space by paying attention to your closet door. The back of it can be used to hang things or even hold a full-length mirror, thus saving you tons of space.
  • Speaking of mirrors, don’t underestimate their power. Lacquered or glass surfaces, and proper lighting make your space look far more extensive than it actually is. Be strategic about where you place these and what you buy.
  • Get creative by including garment racks, nifty slide-out surfaces, building separate hanging sections for accessories including your jewelry, installing slide-out hook systems or metal grids for belts and ties and scarves, and retractable valet rods that can be used to hang or store a number of things and put away when not needed.
  • Add dividers or inserts in drawers to help organize and store your items, and you’ll be amazed at the space you save by just doing this.
  • An island can be a great storage solution, and by adding custom cabinetry, you not only save space but can make this a focal point of the area.


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Your closet is where you get ready for the day and wind down for the night, which means that it’s usually the first area in your home you spend time in when you wake up and the last area before you fall asleep. It stands to reason that you want it to feel comfortable and luxurious. But it’s easier said than done to plan the right luxury walk-in closet that looks like an extension of your home while meeting all of your requirements. At Owings Brothers, we revel in creating spaces that match your vision. Contact us today to see how we can design and custom-build a luxury walk-in closet you will love to spend time in and one you can proudly show off to guests without any fear of them being confronted with a cluttered mess.

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