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Interior Renovation of Modern Home

Feb 7, 2023 | Interior Remodeling, Modern

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Modern Interior Renovation

If you know anyone who owns a deck home there is an actual following of other homeowners that have purchased these during the seventies and early eighties.  This home was built in 1979 and needed all windows and doors to be updated for energy efficiency.  We replaced them with all-wood mahogany windows and doors at custom sizes.  The modern home’s interior renovation was updated to create the home this couple needed for their desired lifestyle.

They asked us to respect the existing post and beam structure and the integrity of the deck home appearance for this remodel. Our approach was light and airy with a slightly modern twist.   Plenty of wood flooring, ceiling, and cabinetry for that rustic feel and to meld into the beauty of the forest just beyond the windows and always in view.  Our homeowners said each season brings another aspect of enjoyment to their lives as they are enveloped in nature from every window and door.  This is the beauty of a deck home.

wall of windows, treed landscape, wrap around deck, modern interior renovation

With brick, interiors painted white and a neutral pallet throughout the home our homeowner’s outstanding abundance of artwork takes center stage. We pulled and redid the floors, and updated the stairs with cable railings. The final chapter was about the kitchen and a light bathroom remodel. The end product met with the homeowner’s satisfaction keeping the original wood and open glass appearance with modern sleek finishes for this interior renovation.

Design sensitivity was absolutely the main focus of this modern-style interior renovation project from start to finish.  Check out other modern-style renovations in our gallery.

After Interior Renovation

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