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Mid Century Modern Design

Modern Master Suite

Our client has completed several remodeling projects with us and this one was the second in their new home.  We remodeled the interior of their mid-century modern home except for the master suite addition.  See the video of their other remodeling project in this post. The client purchased this home and completely gutted and renovated it and had our design team create this outstanding mid-century modern design. Our Interior Design Specialists can update any room in your home to fit your style. master suite addition

The master suite is located on the right side of this beautiful mid-century modern home. The space is very private and inclusive of all the amenities you could want for relaxing and recharging.  This part of the house includes a bedroom, a very large walk-in closet, and a spa-like bathroom.  Everything was gutted and remodeled according to the new design.

Before Images

As you can see by the before images the master suite was very large and roomy.  Our Design Team had plenty of space to create the new mid-century modern design.  The client desired to update the master suite to better fit their needs and it was important to include a large walk-in closet.  This was very doable with the amount of space available. A decision was made to use a portion of the long hallway from the bedroom to the bathroom.  Also, the original bathroom was divided into two spaces one with vanity and soaking tub and the other with a sink, commode, and shower.  Not a good design and was very inefficient.  By combining the bathroom into one space and removing the hallway completely the client now has a very spacious and beautiful bathroom and a very large walk-in closet with natural light.  This closet is nestled between the bedroom and bathroom and creates a perfect flow for getting ready for the day or retiring for the evening.



Modern Walk-In Closet Design

Closets and Storage by Owings will design a closet system perfect for your needs.  Each of our closets are custom created to fill the space you have with the organizational system you need for your personal belongings.  Do you need extra storage in your home?  Perhaps you are struggling with a disorganized closet, pantry, media room, garage, or any other room in the house?  We can help you make the most of your home’s square footage.  Complete our planner and contact our design experts to create the best organizational system for your home.