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Modern Shelving Ideas for Your Home

Nov 29, 2021 | Closets and Storage, Modern

Shelving, we admit, does not have quite the same level of sophisticated appeal or luxe allure that many other aspects of interior design and remodeling have. Yet, it can be one of the greatest allies in your quest to get organized and clutter-free when done right. And yes, modern shelving is cost and space-effective, and what’s more, it can enhance your décor as well by perfectly complementing the look of your home.

corner shelving

Kitchen corner shelving. See the Project Details.

Shelve It In Style: Your Secret to Getting Organized

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a person or a house that couldn’t do with more shelves. But it involves more than just hanging up a wooden plank to house your belongings. Shelving should be a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality. One won’t work without the other to enhance your home. For instance, there’s not much point in having a shelf that looks good but simply isn’t strong enough to hold anything. So, start by deciding your ideal design and usage. Then go in-depth to see whether you want the shelves to be permanently fixed, adjustable, or mounted. Most likely, you’ll want a mixture of all three in different areas depending on the look you’re are going in for or the load they need to bear.

Modern Shelving Ideas for Your Living Room

Suppose you’ve picked up quite a few knick-knacks from your travels or just like collecting unique showpieces. In that case, shelving is the best way to display your treasures and make a visual statement. You can choose from freestanding open shelves or a custom-built wall-shelving unit. For the latter, apart from picking the right palette of colors, materials, and lights, you can even add beautiful fabrics or wallpaper to be used as a back panel. Of course, if you select a made-to-order wall-shelving unit, it will be the perfect thickness, size, shape, and finish for your room. Bibliophiles can use floating bookshelves to hold their precious collections. Do it well, and it can be a feature of the space and just as fascinating as the collections it holds.

Modern Shelving Ideas for Your Bedside and Closet

For your closet shelving, it’s a good idea to opt for adjustable shelves that can be moved around and placed higher or lower depending on your needs. Flat shelves work better than angled ones to give you more storage space. A nifty trick is to use dividers to separate items, which provides you with the benefit of drawers without their added bulkiness. As for your bedroom, swap your bedside table for a set of shelves. Shelves are more affordable than tables and put more of the floor on show, making the room look far more expansive and easier to clean. A wall-mounted shelf by the bed is perfect for holding a book, alarm clock, reading glasses, or even a lamp.

bathroom open shelving

Stylish recessed bathroom shelving. See the Project Details.

Modern Bathroom and Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

For your bathroom, if the smallness of the space and the four walls seem to be closing in on you, the solution is good shelving ideas. Stylish recessed shelving or freestanding open shelves can display your prettily packaged toiletries. They can give you breathing room at the same time. Remember that these are generally tight spaces. Your shelves should not come in the way of traffic flow or opening and closing cabinet doors. Add some hooks to the underside of your shelves, and you have hanging space that is less bulky than drawers. Over-the-show-head shelving units can keep your products out of the reach of dampness and mold that the water can attract. For your laundry room, bracket units or floating shelving can offer lots of storage for your laundry baskets, clothes and can even give you room to add some decorative pieces to make the space look fresh and modern.

Modern Shelving Ideas for Your Kitchen

While cabinetry is a good storage option, it makes it a tad more challenging to display your beautiful glassware and dinnerware for all to see. Opting for shelves allows you to do both and lends your kitchen a sense of spaciousness. Wooden shelving can add to the rustic, warm, homey feeling. However, if you prefer a more sophisticated look, upgrade to using live-edge shelves, which comprise slabs of wood with the bark still visible to add an element of intrigue. Shelves can also double up as a cool open pantry if you don’t have the space for a traditional pantry. And wood is not your only option. Make it work for you by using custom finishes in the colors or metallic hues of your choice. Also, arrange the shelves interestingly instead of just stacking them one below the other. Play around with your angles and heights to add variation.

Kitchen floating shelves

Kitchen with floating shelves. See the Project Details.

Modern Shelving Ideas for Your Office

office book shelves

Office book shelves.

For offices, opt for modular, long-lasting shelving options that can be easily modified and offer enough storage to reduce clutter and distractions while enhancing creativity and productivity. Interestingly placed shelves behind a desk can make for a unique focal point, especially for a home office. And industrial shelving does not have to look sparse and uninviting. Personalize them by adding quirky touches like lights installed under the shelves to brighten up the space, or pick modern glass shelves over metal ones.

Corner Shelving Ideas

Corner shelving is a neat way to make use of the space you have artistically. You don’t need to stop at the end of a wall when using open shelving. Instead, create a right angle and use that corner space too. Corner shelves are convenient in your bathroom tub area to help hone in on lost space and maintain clean lines.

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