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Outdoor Lighting for Ambiance and Safety

Apr 3, 2024 | Articles, Owings Mechanical

Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Choosing the correct outdoor lighting can enhance your home and property making it warm and inviting. Peruse the exterior of your home in the nighttime hours and decide which areas need lighting to offer security, safety, beauty, and function.  Places that you may consider installing lights are outdoor dining rooms, patios, pergolas, arbors, walkways, and architectural focal points.  Depending on what you want to accomplish there are different lighting options from which to choose.

Lighting for Safety

To minimize trip hazards step lights are a great choice.  These hardwired light options can create a soft lighting ambiance and illuminate the steps for safety.  Usually, these lights are installed in the center of each stair riser casting plenty of light on each step. Step lights can be installed on deck railings and hardscape to offer brightness and safety.

Another option can be to add step lights on each side of the step or garden path giving a diffused glow to the area.  Flower beds outlined in lights can showcase your unique garden design.  Several options include lanterns and mushroom-style lights enhancing traditional or modern landscapes.

Lighting for Beauty

Perhaps you have several architectural elements or focal points to showcase.  Depending on the location the type of beam spread should be considered.  Are there certain unusual plantings that an up-light might enhance with an interesting silhouette?    Would a down-light be preferred to command a viewer’s attention?  Maybe you wish to cast a soft light over a gathering space giving a special ambiance.

Lighting for Security

All homeowners require security for their property.  The standard floodlight can offer the best option for a large swath of bright light between 45-120 degrees.  These can be installed on the corner or peak of a home to illuminate a driveway, dispelling back yard shadows, and basement stairwells, to name a few. Motion sensor floodlights are easy to obtain and will only come on when triggered by a movement.  Dual lights facing in each direction can offer even more security and visibility.

Lighting for Function

Does your property include a swimming pool and hot tub?  Enjoying a nighttime swim would require lighting.  Serving refreshments to family and friends poolside would be impossible in the evening hours without lights.  What type of lighting you choose is a personal preference but the stringing of lights around the perimeter can offer an ambient glow similar to a dimly lit restaurant.  string lights for outdoor patio

For most of us, our homes are our refuge, and lighting in and around our property is a key component.  Owings Mechanical can offer our services to include every type of lighting choice for your landscape, patio, and home.  Contact us today!