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Patio Heater For Your Outdoor Living Space

Patio Heaters

Summer is almost here, and homeowners are considering their outdoor living space. As the patio furniture is uncovered and the cushions and umbrella are removed from storage, thoughts of garden parties and family BBQs begin to take shape. Let us help move the process along and significantly increase the length of your outdoor living season with a patio heater. Even summer evenings can become chilly, motivating garden parties to end prematurely. A patio heater for your outdoor living space is an easy way to keep partying even when the sun goes down and the temperature cools. Outdoor living spaces have become more popular, especially with the previous “lock-in season.”  More and more homeowners are creating more space for entertainment and family living.

Patio Heater Options

Patio heaters come in various models and types and use propane, natural gas, and electricity, depending on where you plan to situate them and your chosen style.  We have summarized the various types to help you choose the right application.

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Electric Patio Heater

Electric:  The most common heater for any space with an electrical outlet.  This heater wouldn’t work as well for a garden in the center of a large yard unless an electrician installs wiring for the connection.  Usually, a 120-volt outlet is all you will need, and if you have an electrical outlet on your patio, you can buy and install it easily.  However, electric-charged heaters may not spread as much warmth as the other two options and will undoubtedly increase your electric bill if used often.


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Propane Patio Heater

Propane: Most heaters use a 20-lb liquid propane tank, the kind used with a standard gas grill. The fuel is affordable, but the tank needs refilling occasionally, and you will need to lug it to a local convenience or grocery store to do so.

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Natural Gas Patio Heater

Natural Gas:  This option will only work if you have installed a natural gas line in your home.  Even if this is true, you may need additional lines added by a professional, which could be costly.  Your utility bill would also be impacted if the heater or heaters are used frequently.

Things to Consider For A Patio Heater

Some things to look for when choosing your patio heater type and style would be:

Radius of Heat – How far does the heat spread when operating, and will it be sufficient for your patio area?  Will you need to obtain more than one heater?

Ease in Assembly & Installation – Will your heater need to be assembled once you purchase it, and if so, can a novice do so?  Do you need an electrician to install electrical wiring, outlets, or natural gas lines?

Mobility—Does the heater move easily to various sites on your property should you choose to move it from one area to another? A heater with wheels can be helpful if you have several areas in your yard that you may wish to gather.

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If you have any further questions regarding your outdoor living space and how to make it more livable for more seasons, contact us. We can also help you design a new outdoor living area or upgrade your space. Patio and screened porch fireplaces are also exciting options; perhaps you have been dreaming of a screened porch addition, and we can offer design/build services. Check out our post Enjoy Outdoor Living Space Longer. 

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