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Renovate Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Design

This Baltimore home is a renovated mid-century modern home built in the ’60s. Mid-century modern design was initiated in the middle of the 20th century from approximately the 1940s to the early 1970s. The style came to America based on the Bauhaus style which originated in Germany.  During and after World War II Bauhaus architects fled to America due to the changes in Germany.   Characteristics of the Mid Century Modern style are functionality, minimalism, sleek geometric forms, as well as, mixing traditional with untraditional materials.  A famous architect known for this style is Frank Lloyd Wright using his principles of organic architecture.

Our homeowners purchased this home which was built in this modern style but needed to update the entire interior and exterior. Choosing to renovate the original mid-century modern design they removed the wall to wall black carpet blanketed with flower bouquets, stenciled and faux painted walls, and large floral wallpaper which adorned ceilings and walls of several bathrooms.  Actually many walls were wallpapered or covered with murals of animals, elves, bicycles, sports equipment, and the like requiring a complete renovation.

As you can see by the images of the original decor this beautiful structure needed an overhaul.  The bones were perfect but it needed a facelift.  Do you have a solid well-built home that needs updating?  We can provide designs to meet your own personal style.

Design Services

Our customer had worked with us before on another home remodel and was confident our design team could provide just what was needed to take this beautiful mid-century modern architecture and create an appealing interior design plan.  As you can see by the original design plan below the kitchen was walled off from the main living area of the home.  This family wanted to enjoy an open floor plan including everyone in the mix when entertaining, preparing a meal, or just enjoying time to converse.  By opening the kitchen to the dining/living area the home’s look and feel expanded without changing the footprint of the house.

Our Design Professionals are able to create colorful 3D drawings for you that mimic your final design so that you can be sure of the plan and selections prior to any remodeling.  Our Owings Design Studio provides the opportunity for a convenient and easy way to help you make all of your selections. Are you interested in remodeling your present home then give us a call today?

Before and After Renovation

The living room and kitchen were separated by a large wall with a standard doorway.  By removing that wall the light from the living room wall of windows now flows abundantly into the newly renovated mid-century modern kitchen.  The fireplace was updated from the white brick to new glossy white floor to ceiling wave tile creating a sleek modern look surrounded by drywall.  The rustic wood beams were painted black and included in the style to add a natural element along with the hardwood flooring which replaces the carpet.  The painted floor to ceiling full access kitchen cabinetry, white marbleized quartz countertops, and white subway tile backsplash reflect the increased natural light replacing the stained wood cabinets and black countertops.

All Modern

Each and every bathroom including the powder room needed an overhaul.  Our design team chose floating vanities giving an illusion of space in the smaller 1960’s bathrooms and plenty of ceramic wall and floor tiles that mimic travertine to add interest and color.  The end result is easy to see; the dated faux painted bathrooms with white ceramic fixtures were enlivened by the beautiful new and improved surface materials lending to the modern theme.

The exterior was not in a bad state and had been well maintained but our clients desired to add some color.  They also desired to renovate the front door to portray the modern style they love and included a beautiful new green door with a magnetized door lock.  The garage doors were also updated with a new Overhead Door aluminum and glass door which changes the entire look and brings extra light into a normally dark space.

After Photos of Mid-Century Modern Renovation

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