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Top Home Features Trending

Home Features that Sell

If you are thinking about selling your home we have outlined some of the most sought-after features that home buyers are looking for now.  Some of these features are well worth the investment for the resale value.  Others are too costly and the ROI will make them a bad investment.  Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs Value report shares the return on investment with various remodeling projects based on locale from average to upscale.

The number one home feature that is greatly sought after (91% of those polled by NAHB) is the laundry room. Homebuyers are looking for a separate room in which to fold and stack clean laundry and pile the dirty stuff.  This keeps the mess out of the general living space. If you don’t have a laundry room you can always add one in an unfinished basement space for very little investment.

Home Storage & Organization

Walk-in pantries are high on the desirable list at 83% of those polled.  The kitchen can easily become the gathering space for the family.  No matter how many cabinets you have the need for storing staples such as cereal, canned goods, baking products, dog food and the larger quantities of non-perishable food items becomes necessary.  They desire that the pantry be close to the kitchen area for easy access.

Some other features homebuyers are attracted to are finished basements, garage and closet organization.    These can range in cost but storage organization systems are a drop in the bucket compared to the draw for homebuyers.  Do you have an overwhelming amount of stuff and need a place to store it?  Do you have a finished basement? A basement is a go-to place for reaping additional rooms for growing families.  These could be growing with additional children or parents moving in.  The structure is present it just needs interior finishing.  If you partially finish your basement the unfinished space could be set up with shelving and cabinets for storage attractive to homebuyers.

By finishing a basement the homebuyer can visualize the space to meet whatever their needs may be and the extra square footage can boost your opportunity for selling. 85% of surveyed are interested in seeing this home feature.

The garage is also a great place to have organized storage.  A garage is the easiest access to the balance of the first floor and can be a great place to store tools, extra unperishable food items, and an extra frig, so much more than the family car.

Home Exterior Features

Is your backyard inviting?  Let’s not forget the exterior of your property.  More and more homebuyers are looking to move to a more peaceful environment away from the rat race.  Outdoor living space can be a drawing card for families that seek a space for children to play safely and to entertain guests.  The outdoor areas such as patios and decks can offer additional living space.  87% of those surveyed voted that as their priority.  Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report states your ability to recoup up to 61.7% of your investment for outdoor living space such as a deck. Would you like some exterior lighting to enhance the mood for nighttime entertaining in the yard?  Then you would be in the category of 85% of homebuyers.

Another huge percentage of buyers according to the NAHB survey (89%) are looking for energy efficiency.  Energy-efficient windows and doors along with Energy Star appliances can be attractive to a buyer with the promise of lower utility bills.

energy efficient windows and doors for this mid-century whole house remodel

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Interior Home Features

A very sought-after interior finish for 83% of homebuyers is hardwood flooring. The beauty of hardwood is its resilience and ease in maintenance. Hardwood flooring can last the lifetime of the home with refinishing periodically.  A more economical upgrade in preparing your home for sale is to choose engineered wood flooring.  This product is quite popular today and can be less expensive than true hardwood.  The look and feel are the same and the buyer will definitely prefer it over a wall to wall carpet.

Natural light is another draw to homebuyers especially the affect of this feature when they step into your home.  The sunshine pouring in to brighten and lighten the spaces in your home brings warmth in look and feel to your home.  This can be easily obtained by removing heavy drapes and blinds from your windows.  Does your home lack enough or any windows?  Perhaps you could opt to have them installed to bring the outdoors inside.  Warmth attracts homebuyers and brings that homey feel.

Kitchens and bathroom updates are at the top of the list homebuyers are looking for in a home purchase.  Tips and trends regarding these very important rooms in every home will be covered in a future post.  To whet your appetite the 2020 trends for flooring, countertops, cabinetry, appliances and more will be addressed.  If you would like to see our gallery of kitchens and baths click on these links.  Call us with any questions we will be glad to help.