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Ultra Modern Home Office Addition

Home Office Popularity Rises

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are opting to allow their employees to work remotely from home at least part of the time. The advent of this cultural change has lessened commuting issues but has heightened the need for appropriate home workspaces, popularizing the incorporation of home offices into the family home. Many homes have more than one office providing a workspace for several owners, so a creative approach is needed to modify the home’s footprint. Take a look at this exclusive home office design for the remodel of a very modern style home addition and imagine your new home office addition.

Modern Home Office Design Plan

Given the uniqueness of the house’s layout, we needed to create a two-story addition connected by a bridge to the existing home’s footprint. The addition gave our homeowners a home office plus a garage area on the ground floor for their collection of motorcycles. Also, the beautiful in-ground pool area was enhanced with a new shady spot for reclining out of the hot sun. When designing the home office addition, we created a beautiful wrap-around deck with stairs leading to the landscaped yard below. Our clients can now take a break from their desks and enjoy a view of their property and a breath of fresh air.  The additional deck seating can offer a respite from work and clearing of the mind to enhance creativity. Let us design the perfect space for your family if you need a home addition, whether for an office or additional living space.

Benefits Of Ultra Modern Addition

As mentioned, the client’s home included an in-ground swimming pool with an expansive stone pool deck. This addition is partially open underneath to create added seating space in the shade. One portion under the home office created a garage for the motorcycles. We installed attractive wood-slated sliding doors to access this open area. Clients can enjoy entering the office space through these doors and up the new stairway to the home office or through the home’s front entry and across the new interior bridge.

The outcome was a beautiful two-story addition that blended perfectly with the existing home and offered the homeowners extra living, working, and playing space.  Perhaps you would like a seamless home addition to expand your family’s living space.  Let us design one specifically to express your style!

Before Photos

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