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Pasadena Waterfront Living – 2nd Floor Addition

This homeowner purchased this second home retreat on the waterfront many years ago with the hopes to eventually remodel and occupy the home as their primary residence. The house was a classic 1960’s rancher on a large lot (see below), an ideal condition for expansion both upwards and out.

rancher conversion to two story



rancher before conversion to two story


They had a somewhat extensive priority list with the main focus on maximizing waterfront views. Whenever tackling a waterfront project a remodeler must remain open-minded. We went through an extensive review process with the county involving footprint, elevation, and grade. The overall architectural approach was to add a large addition to the roadside of the structure which was able to accommodate a garage and bonus room. The waterfront side addition was to include a master suite on the first floor and an adult gathering space with a screened porch on the second floor.  The overall house doubled in size and made a very appealing transformation from the box-like rancher it was built to be in the ’60s.

second floor screened porch

The kitchen was flipped from the front of the house to the back alleviating all obstructions so that all guests would have optimum views of the creek. The most successful component of the project was adding a second-floor family room over the existing house which was also ideal for a screened porch. This accommodated breezes, architectural solutions, and views of the waterfront. The homeowner elected to use a darker color palette to create some uniqueness with the attempt to integrate the large and tall elevations. In order to accommodate this overall floor plan, major structural work had to be incorporated prior to the building of the second floor.

Before Anne Arundel County Addition

After Photos Anne Arundel County Waterfront Addition

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