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Attic Converted Kids Bedroom Suite

Attic Bedroom Converted

This family lived in a home in Catonsville that was built in 1905.  Historic homes are unique with many custom-built features.  As beautiful as that can be sometimes these older homes do not afford the amenities needed for a growing family.  Their children were growing up and needed some space they could call their own.  Mom and dad wanted a bit of privacy too, so staying within the footprint of the home the family moved up! Converting the attic space afforded them a brand new bedroom suite perfect for the kids.  The historical nature of the home was maintained as the outside of the home looks no different with this expanded living space.

The new third-floor space is filled with custom built-ins and space-saving modern amenities such as the two twin beds connected at the foot.  The drawers built underneath are a perfect place for clothing, linens, or treasures.  Even the beautiful window seat has its own set of built-in storage.  What a great place to curl up with a book or enjoy a time of chatting with a friend while looking over the beautifully landscaped yard.  Every square foot was utilized offering the best possible solution to storage and living needs.  The space in the attic dormer wall was utilized and serves as a chest of drawers that are flush against the wall.

Attic Bathroom

With a third-floor attic, a bathroom is needed to keep from trekking to the second floor for a shower.  All the rooms in the attic were converted to create a bedroom and fun space any kid would want.  Altogether old meets new with a little twist.  Still keeping with the custom look and feel of the original early 1900s home this newly remodeled attic space meets this family’s needs.

Before Attic Remodel

Are you in need of a little extra space in your home?  Converting the attic can be a great way of adding a bedroom or two and a bathroom.  This can be especially helpful for neighborhoods where a homeowner’s association may be involved.  The changes made to this home did not affect the exterior appearance at all. Give us a call and let our Design Team work with you to fulfill your family’s space expanding needs.

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