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Turning Attic into Bedroom Suite

Sep 6, 2019 | Interior Remodeling

Attic Bedroom Interior Design

If you are looking to add a bedroom and bath to your home without adding square footage perhaps you should look up!  Many homes have large attic space that can be converted to a needed bedroom suite.  By choosing to remodel within the footprint of your home the cost is reduced for adding extra living space.  Remodeling an attic into a bedroom suite can be a great way to utilize unfinished space as well as save money.

If you are unsure about building codes such as; ceiling height, room width, etcetera it would be wise to contact a licensed contractor to review the space and desired plans.  Converting an attic to living space is a sure way to increase the value of your home especially an added bedroom and bath.  The National Association of Realtor’s state attic conversions brings a 61% return on investment.  It is important that the attic space meet code for resale so do your homework upfront with a licensed contractor.

 Attic Transformation Before and After

As you can see with this attic to bedroom conversion Owings Designers included the white brick chimney stack in the design concept.  This architectural element divides the draped storage space from the balance of the bedroom and provides a wall for a much-needed mirror.  Floors in the attic were refinished to provide a natural element and the walls were painted in a neutral color except for two accent walls papered in a bright blue modern pattern.

In thinking outside the box our designers had a custom-made hanging bed crafted to provide for the necessary sleeping arrangement.   By keeping the floor clear and selecting a white duvet coverlet the room feels more open and airy.  Choosing the blue wall-paper for accent walls offers an interesting focal point for the bedroom and separates a small seating nook.  The custom-sized chairs upholstered in the complementary blue fabric adds additional color and texture to the room.

Creative Design Makes the Difference

desk area in attic to bedroom conversion

Translucent Desk Enhances Natural Light

Attics are notorious for angled ceilings.  Don’t look at this as a negative for your new bedroom space but a positive for unique design enhancement.  Highlighting the unique architectural elements in your attic to bedroom conversion with interesting ceiling and wall treatments can create a fabulous look.  Wall treatments for these small, short walls can separate space into different areas keeping the attic bedroom open and airy.

Truly a decorator showpiece this attic conversion is proof that with planning and creative design your attic can become an enviable place to enjoy in lieu of a hidden underutilized space!

Attic Bedroom Design Considerations

Taking time to plan your master bedroom attic conversion is key to utilizing all the space available attractively and efficiently.  Due to the steep ceiling angles, the attic has less wall space than other rooms in your home but that doesn’t mean design or function is limited.   If you think outside the box you can include everything needed for converting your attic into a master suite.

Things to Consider:

Walls should be painted in light colors to keep your bedroom feeling larger and open, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  Consider wallpaper or faux paint on a wall or two adding color, texture, and style.  These design elements will also separate space and create a focal point.  Keep the wall and ceiling treatments simple so the small space isn’t overwhelmed. The small grouping of sea life painted by Shelly Wilkerson was chosen by the homeowner to fit specifically on the low wall of their office.

attic master suite conversion with fire element Natural Light is one of the best things you can add to your attic to bedroom conversion.  Windows can add much to your design and by code, there must be at least one larger window that can provide an emergency exit in event of a fire.  Skylights are the most popular choice for allowing natural light since they fit nicely in the angle of the roofline and can also add extra headroom.  Dormer windows are a perfect place to bring natural light and also provide a space for a bench or storage.

Space For Your Best Friend

Storage is a necessity in any bedroom and with attic conversions, creativity is a must!  Consider built-in storage custom made to fit each area and utilized for the various needs of a master suite.  Installing these custom units will keep your floor space clutter-free which helps with the open look. Floating shelves are another great way to add storage without using bulky furnishings that don’t fit the space.

Stairs are a must for access when creating a master bedroom suite in your attic.  Constructing a traditional straight staircase that extends from your attic entrance is the most stable option but typically this type of staircase takes up a large portion of the floor below.  A spiral stair with full steps is a possibility and takes up a smaller circle in your floorplan.  Both are preferable to the standard ladder that many homes have for accessing the attic.

Converting Attic Into Master Suite

This attic converted to a master suite utilizes every square inch of space.  The homeowners chose to move their master suite to the attic to have a private bedroom suite in which to relax and work.  The attic space now includes a bedroom with two sitting areas and a home office.   A luxurious master bathroom with soaking tub, walk-in shower, and fire element fits perfectly and with two windows there is plenty of natural light.

A quirky idea for their new space was to utilize the space in each dormer area for their two dogs.  We created a comfy bedroom with cushion and customized with pawprint decals and their names stenciled on the wall.  Both pups are pleased with their new quarters and can stay close at hand to their masters.

The icing on the cake for these homeowners was the large custom walk-in closet with room for everything!  Several windows grace this closet bringing in natural light and underneath a seating bench for putting on your shoes.  A master suite fit for the most discerning taste has risen from the ashes of this uninteresting, underutilized attic creating a beautiful extra bed and bath with profitable returns.

large master closet in attic to master bedroom conversion

Great design requires pairing an existing space with needed function.  Filling the unique structure of an attic with the requirements of a master suite is beautifully possible.  Keeping in mind the points discussed above along with the following items will assure success in your attic to master bedroom conversion.

  • Fill the space with soft edges to counteract the hard lines
  • Incorporate mood lightings such as floor lamps and sconces
  • Define a focal point by finding a large wall
  • Customize furniture to fit properly
  • Use natural materials ie: hardwood floors

Master Bedroom Attic Conversion Before and After