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Baltimore County Rustic Addition

Family Room Addition

Rustic Addition Maryland

The homeowners love to entertain and enjoy the serenity of their surroundings.  This rustic addition offered them a place to have their much-needed game room and wet bar yet keeping with the style of the house and blending into the beautiful natural environment surrounding it. No space in the original home was expansive enough to offer them room to entertain. The pool table was previously kept in the dining room which left no place for guests to dine comfortably.

Rustic Addition

This remodel allowed them to continue in this serene setting, entertain often and offer them a place where they are able to garden and landscape which is one of their hobbies. A requirement of the owners was that the new structure looks as if it was part of the original house from an exterior standpoint and the interior needed to be in keeping with the 100 yr old rustic log home. Originally the design was drawn to add the kitchen to the rear of the dwelling, but setbacks prevented it, thus a new front rustic addition was designed which ultimately gave them more of what they desired. The space for the pool table was important and to be able to enjoy entertaining guests in a roomy environment. This new design offered them all that they wished including the hand-built rock fireplace that had to be in view from the kitchen.

Before Photos of Rustic Addition

After Photos of Rustic Addition