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Family Home Renovation

Front Entry Redesign

Our client had a sprawling rancher that was located in a great established neighborhood on a half-acre corner lot.  Their late 1980s home was in the perfect spot but not necessarily laid out in the most efficient way and certainly not for their family.  A complete family home renovation was needed. The public living space was situated to the left side of the house and the private bedroom and bathroom spaces to the right side.  This was all well and good but the public front entryway to the home was near the private living area on the right side.  Moving the front door was our first task in creating the design.

By relocating the front entry we created a seamless remodel integrating the two different spaces and offering a more convenient entry for guests and family members.  This is especially due to the location of the garage and driveway which were on the left side of the rancher.  We re-sided and re-roofed with current materials and this blended the overall appearance and gave a look that seemed to always exist.

Interior Remodel of Corporate Living Spaces

The family loves to cook together.  Not only the immediate family but grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc join in on the preparation of family feasts.  This required a remodel of the present kitchen and dining area to create more prep room and the ability for many cooks in the kitchen.  To do so a unique post and beam addition was built to the rear of the home to give a much-needed kitchen expansion and eating area as well as deck and sunroom.  Building the addition on masonry columns in lieu of wood offered more sturdiness and also complemented the overall addition.  High-quality Marvin windows are a bonus in adding energy efficiency as well as opening up the view of the backyard.

Kitchen and Dining Room Redesign


The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home for our clients. So a design was created that would enable many to work together in the kitchen. The open concept also allows those not preparing the feast to be included.  See our post on Open Concept Living.



One of the services we offer our clients is 3D full-color renderings to help them envision the final project.  Our Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers offer options for design within the client’s budget.  We can help you make an informed decision on your remodel. See below the 3D renderings for this family home renovation.

As with any whole house remodel the interior finishes are key to the aesthetics.  Our customer chose Yortowne full overlay cabinetry in an onyx finish with grey manufactured stone countertops. Resilience all the way in this family kitchen with plenty of countertops and storage space.  Fine KitchenAid and Bosch appliances were installed giving this working kitchen all the power needed to complete a family feast.

This family home renovation will offer enjoyment for many years to come no matter how large the family.  Let us redesign your home to meet your family’s needs and desires.  We have a Design Center that can offer many selections that you can touch and see firsthand to create the best family spaces for you.  Allow our expert designers to show you what you can do within your budget.  Our motto is “Our Craftsmen add value.  Our people add warmth.”  Prepare to be pleased and amazed!

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