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Basement Flooring Ideas to Inspire Your Upgrade

Jan 22, 2021 | Basement

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With a new year comes new opportunities to make your house the home you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re fortunate enough to have a basement, you may be looking for ideas to turn it into a place to relax, entertain, and have fun with company and your loved ones. A renovated basement not only adds extra space to your home, but it can also increase its resale value.

To help you get started on your basement makeover, we’ve gathered some of our favorite flooring ideas. From budget-friendly to luxurious, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your basement’s floors below.

Budget-Friendly Basement Flooring Ideas

Who says you can’t have a fantastic basement on a budget? There are many different types of flooring that bring the wow-factor without breaking the bank. The basement lends itself to a number of types of flooring as long as they’re properly installed.

Concrete Basement Floor Ideas

Concrete is one of the easiest and least expensive options because it’s already there! Depending on your vision for your basement, concrete can be a nice, low-maintenance choice. You’ll likely need to have the concrete cleaned, smoothed, and polished before use. You can also have an epoxy coating applied to make things look more finished.

Keep in mind this type of flooring gets pretty chilly. You’ll want to have some large area rugs to warm the space up.

Basement Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Vinyl flooring is another fantastic option for your basement remodel. This type of flooring goes right over the concrete, making it easier to install than tile. It’s moisture-resistant and durable too. Dampness is a common problem in basements, but vinyl is up to the challenge.

Vinyl has gotten an upgrade in recent years. There are now lots of different kinds on the market. You can find everything from luxury wood-style vinyl to stone-look vinyl.

Inspirational Basement Flooring Ideas

The floor you choose will set the tone for your basement. Depending on your space’s purpose, you may want that to be inviting, energizing, and peaceful. You can even play with eye-catching patterns and colors to really jazz things up!

Basement Tile Ideas

Love bold prints and patterns? Then, tile may be an excellent choice for your basement upgrade. This flooring comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, from modern black and white to a modern ombre. But if you prefer the neutral, understated look, you’ll find it with tile as well.

Keep in mind that prices for tile can vary, depending on whether you’re going for ceramic, porcelain, or even marble. So, take some time to prep your budget and compare your options. You’ll love how moisture-resistant and durable this flooring is!

Basement Carpet Ideas

Want to make your basement feel warm and cozy? Go for carpet! Carpet flooring provides cushion and support, covering up that chilly concrete floor. As you look at carpet options, you’ll likely want to limit your search to synthetic fibers with synthetic backing. This type of carpet stands up to moisture better than natural fibers. Carpet is great for game rooms and home movie theatres.

Basement Hardwood Floor Ideas

If you’re looking for a timeless type of flooring, try hardwood. Make sure your basement is insulated, dry, and not prone to flooding first. Engineered hardwood can give you more moisture resistance while still offering that traditional look. The multi-ply nature of this type of flooring helps it to withstand a little moisture.

We love the look of hardwood flooring for basements used to entertain and spend time with family. You can go for a dark shade to add some drama, a light one to brighten up the space, or a neutral shade for a modern look.

Cement Basement Floor Ideas

Here’s a unique flooring idea: cement! This type of flooring is moisture-resistant and ideal for high-traffic areas. You can use a sealing paint on top of it to increase its durability. This is a nice option for at-home gyms. You can throw your workout mat over it and start exercising!

Basement Rugs Ideas

Once you have your flooring set, start bringing the look together with rugs. An oversized Persian area rug feels lavish and deluxe, especially in deeper shades. For a softer look, try a vintage style weathered area rug in pastel colors. You can even try rugs in bold shades for a playful style. Use rugs in different patterns and shades to create some separation in an open concept basement.

No matter what you’re thinking of for your basement upgrade, Owings Brothers make it happen! Our team has helped countless clients bring their dream basement to life. To get started, set up a free consultation with our team.