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What Does A $100K Remodel Look Like

$100,000 Home Renovations

Do you have $100K and want to know what you can do with it to transform your home?  We have some ideas that might perk your interest but if not you can reach out to us and our Design Team can help plan your dream home remodel.  We offer 3-D renderings so you can get a glimpse of what the final project will look like taking all the guesswork out of planning.

Remodeling Ideas for $100K

The Kitchen


The most sought-after home remodel today is the kitchen renovation. Many homeowners are deciding to remodel and remain in their present homes. The space that they desire to update first, for function and feel, is the kitchen.  This post shares some of the trends for current kitchen remodeling listed below:


When pursuing your new $100K kitchen remodel it can be a daunting task with coordinating all aspects of design, selections, and layout. We can offer a more streamlined and enjoyable experience through our kitchen remodeling checklist that takes the hassle out of the myriad of choices available and also helps your kitchen remodeling project to be started and completed in a timely way.

Get your FREE copy of our Kitchen Remodeling Checklist today!

The Bathroom

Another popular home remodel is the bathroom.  Our bathrooms can become sanctuaries where we emerge refreshed and ready to take on the world, washing away the remnants of the day and soothing both our bodies and spirits. There are many reasons to put extra thought into a $100K remodeling or design project and go all-out to make it your own.

It makes sense then to put thought and effort into giving it that exclusive, personal touch. And when it comes to your master bathroom, it needs to be an area that perfectly complements your master bedroom with an added touch of luxury and indulgence. With these luxury master bathroom ideas for your next renovation, you can give the space an upgrade that makes you feel enveloped in comfort. The bonus takeaway is that these luxurious alterations can increase the value of your home if you ever choose to put it on the market.

You can download your FREE copy of our bathroom remodeling checklist to help plan this important personal space. You will have answers to the following questions below:

  1. How to establish a realistic budget
  2. What to consider as a priority when creating a desired layout
  3. How to choose a contractor who can design AND build
  4. When to receive a proposed estimate
  5. What selections to make for various components of your design
  6. How to discuss a timeline for the project and procedures

The Sunroom Screened Porch Addition


You can add a sunroom, three-season room, or screened porch to your home and secure additional living space.  If your home is located in an idyllic setting like this house what better way to enjoy the outdoors more months out of the year than by building an addition?  If are you interested in learning more about $100K remodels then check the blog post Porch and Sunroom Additions.

Given that we’ve all had to spend so much time indoors the last couple of years, is it any wonder that the three-season porch or sunroom is the most requested room to add when remodeling? This area can offer protection from the elements while allowing you to make a connection with the outside world, and you cannot underestimate the difference this ‘outdoor living’ room can make to your home. It can add warmth to even the coldest façade, give you a cozy, well-lit space to relax, save energy, help you let the outdoors in, or even double up as a playroom, dining room, or a work-from-home office. An added benefit is that it increases the value of your home, making this inviting living space an investment you will appreciate for years to come.

The screened-in porch. A place to relax, cool off, and enjoy the sights and sounds of your backyard. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’re probably seeing your screened-in porch a bit differently these days. Social distancing has made this space a backyard oasis of sorts. More and more people are using screened-in porches to gather, socialize, and entertain safely.

In light of the renewed interest in this space, we’ve collected our favorite tips for making the most out of outdoor living on your screened-in porch. Keep reading to find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

The Basement

In more recent years, the basement has taken on renewed importance as a bonus area to remodel. Whether you want to turn it into a bedroom and full bath, laundry room, media room, home office, yoga studio, gym, wine cellar, or living area, it’s versatile enough to be reconfigured to suit any space you envision.

Remodeled basements can be a great way to increase your living area, and we have a handy guide to the best reasons to maximize your home’s potential with a basement upgrade. With a basement remodel, you stand to gain a multitude of benefits. And yes, this is even if you opt to finish your basement without converting it into any additional living space.

We provide some of the benefits you stand to gain below:


Reasons To Remodel Your Basement

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Earn from it
  • It can be a health hazard
  • Save on power bills
  • Host guests
  • Entertainment Den
  • Home Gym
  • Family Gathering Space

All of the projects shown in this post are around $100K remodels.  These are just some of the ideas we have for you and can design your space however you need or desire.  Please contact our offices to begin planning your home remodel!