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Blue and White Kitchen Ideas

Nov 24, 2020 | Kitchen

blue kitchen cabinets

During this year of staying home, more and more homeowners are editing their houses, condos, and apartments to better reflect their style. One of the most popular areas for a refresh? The kitchen, of course! Grays, muted pastels, and olive greens have dominated interior design for kitchens in recent years. However, a color trend has emerged that suits both traditional and modern tastes: all things blue and white.

From nautical navy and soft country blue, there’s truly something for every home kitchen.

From Farmhouse to Modern and Everything in Between

While the term farmhouse may have only become known as an interior design trend in the last decade, homeowners have embraced country and rustic chic for ages. This style creates a warm, cozy feel, especially in the high traffic area of the family kitchen. When you think farmhouse, soft shades and neutrals might first come to mind. It’s time to welcome the color palette of blues and whites to the mix.

Prefer a more modern look in your kitchen? Shades of navy, teal, and sky blue suit mid-century modern, minimalist, and even the most futurist interior design styles.

Kitchen Tile: Ideas for a Blue and White Palette

Tile makes all the difference to the appearance of your kitchen. If you want a contemporary style, try a gradient backsplash with gray and green-blues tiles. Small tiles create an understated look, making them a nice choice for colorful cabinets. Bigger tiles pop against neutral cabinets and countertops. Check out how an Owings customer made gradient tile work for their kitchen:

expanded kitchen into dining room

How about the classic subway tile? Subway tiles are versatile enough to work in contemporary and classic kitchens, depending on your cabinets, countertops, and island. A light coastal blue shines like sea glass when paired with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Here’s how one of our customers created a gorgeous kitchen with a new take on subway tile:

Orion Arabesque Tile Backsplash over Butlers Pantry Cabinet

Tips for Embracing Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

How about your kitchen cabinets? If you currently have white cabinets, you can try painting the lower cabinets a blue shade that coordinates with your kitchen’s style. Or go for navy blue cabinets with soft white countertops. Add bronze hardware to keep things modern. Want a more traditional take? Use silver hardware for a timeless look.

Gray-blue cabinets work well for homeowners looking for a new neutral shade. Depending on how gray you go, the color can have just the softest touch of blue. While we often think of blues as cool shades, warm blues do exist! These shades lean more purple than green. Soft summer blue cabinets have taken the interior design scene by storm this year, and we’re sure to see more of them in the future.

Inspiration for a Blue and White Kitchen Island

The options for kitchen islands these days are just as vast as those for countertops and cabinets! Refreshing your island is a fantastic way to give your kitchen a facelift. For a classic style, go for a shaker cabinet island with rounded, silver hardware and a marbled countertop. A butcher block countertop with dark navy cabinets and gold hardware feels both timeless and modern.

The blue and white color palette will always be in fashion. We’d love to help you bring your dreams for your kitchen remodel to life. Get in touch with our team of design specialists to schedule your consultation.