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Carroll County Home Addition

Westminster Master Suite & Home Gym

Newlyweds decided to transform a presently owned home to reflect the couple’s new style.  This home is situated on a large parcel of land with barns and corrals for horses and beautiful rolling hills just near the Pennsylvania line.  What better way to enjoy the scenery around them than to build a “to die for” master suite addition and since the couple are avid health enthusiasts a home gym was incorporated into the addition.

The addition was built toward the rear right corner of the home, so that a leisurely morning coffee could be enjoyed on their private balcony overlooking the horses milling about in the corral and the landscape that goes on for acres and acres.  This master suite includes an updated master bathroom with walk in shower, a walk-in closet fitted with everything needed for a well-coiffed individual, including a window providing natural light.  Also included is a reading area with book shelves and personal writing desk.  High ceilings with many windows, including transoms offer much natural light and a view of the stars.

Located just below this retreat-like sanctuary is their new personal gym.  The gym has it’s own walk-out and plenty of windows to take in the view.  It is adjacent to the recreation room, which includes television area, pool table and professional dart board to name a few of the amenities.  A full bathroom is located on this floor, as well, to offer the homeowners an opportunity for a quick shower and change after working out.

All in all, this home addition provides all the necessary updates to make for a relaxed and efficient lifestyle for the newly married couple.

After Addition Photos

Before Addition Photos