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Designing A Home Office For Remote Work

Sep 13, 2021 | Interior Remodeling, Modern

As the global pandemic continues with the surge of the COVID-19 delta strain, many employers are considering more permanent work-from-home policies. It probably felt temporary the first time you were sent home, lasting a few short weeks, almost like an extended snowstorm. However, some remote environments are likely here to stay. Therefore, you may find yourself wanting to make a few changes to create productive and fulfilling remote office space at home.

Planning your home office doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’re here to help. Our first article discussed the importance of selecting your home office location, style, and functionality. In this article, we’ll review a few changes to help your creativity flow and productivity increase.

Interior Design Ideas for Remote Home Office Setups

Experts told The Baltimore Sun that working from home does not prevent innovation. However, are there ways you can further foster said innovation? Setting up your home office to be functional, organized, and inspiring may spark creative ideas within you. You don’t need to change your office overnight unless you’re looking for a drastic makeover. You can start small by making a list and prioritizing what changes will help you feel most productive in your home office. You can easily improve your remote home office through lighting, organization, and décor.

Lighting Ideas

The lighting in your home office can significantly impact your mood as well as the way you present yourself to your colleagues on video conferencing calls. Good lighting can increase productivity by improving your mood, while poor lighting may do the opposite. Additionally, poor office lighting can increase eye strain, promoting headaches and harming your ability to work effectively.

So, how can you change your office lighting? Consider adding a focal point or accent light. While also functional, it can help add character or visual appeal to your office space. Utilize natural light. Position your desk so that you’re facing natural light. If the light is behind you, it may increase the likelihood of glares on your screen.

Organization Ideas

Control your office clutter before it controls you. HGTV suggests implementing a system of three: tossing it, filing it, or taking action with it. If your office is multipurpose, you may want to consider color-coding non-work-related files like personal, insurance, medical, or your children’s paperwork. Invest in a good label maker. After you’ve carefully organized your office papers with a filing system that works for you, consider labeling them. If you can easily find where you need to put something, you’ll be more likely to file it instead of letting it pile up on the corner of your desk.

Office Décor Ideas

Consider what your colleagues will see. Do you want to create a well-organized, color-coded bookshelf behind you? Or, have you considered adding a pop of color to your neutral office space? You could even spruce up your room with decorative wallpaper or plants. Oprah says it’s important not to overlook the details; after all, your home office is where you’ll spend most of your week. Make it inspire you, calm you, and excite you.

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