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Garage Conversion to Master Suite

First Floor Master Suite

Our clients loved the pastoral location of their home and decided to remodel it to meet their needs.  As they were approaching the senior years they wanted to age in place so a first-floor master suite was desired.  Our design team worked together to evaluate the layout of the home.  They chose a garage conversion to a master suite which includes a master bath, walk-in closet, and beverage center.

The master suite allows easy access to and from the general living space such as the kitchen, family room, and sunroom.  This enables the client to move freely from one room to the other easily.  Due to their need to possibly accommodate an invalid in the future, a curbless shower was installed as was grab bars in the bathroom and wider doorways.  The client didn’t want the new master bathroom to look like a handicap bath so our designers met those needs with a beautiful design and attractive selections. Check our aging-in-place tips.

Garage conversion to a master suite is often the best way to offer homeowners aging-in-place options to their existing homes.  In our client’s case, a new three-car garage addition plan was created to replace the garage to be converted.  The homeowner owned an auto repair shop prior to retiring and he still enjoys restoring cars.  The new garage had to meet all of his requirements including incorporating a heating and cooling system and garage doors that were very accessible.

3 car garage addition

Sunroom and Family Room Addition

Our client’s greatest enjoyment is to host the grandchildren.  The home located in a beautifully landscaped setting provides plenty of room for the kids to play enjoying the great outdoors.  Do you live in Maryland?  Then you know the weather isn’t always idyllic and many days require a resident to stay indoors.

Especially during the recent shutdown of schools and homeschooling on the rise, these grandparents took an active role in helping with schoolwork.  To make things a little easier a new family room and the sunroom were added to the rear of the home.  The wall of windows in the sunroom provides a scenic view of the backyard when cloistered inside.  This space is a great play place for all and allows for grandparents to be close by while the children are studying or playing.  A bright light-filled family room with a fireplace is also a cozy space to sit and enjoy adult conversation or a good book.

Additional touches were made in the entire home to the flooring, walls, exterior siding, and roofing.  A new maintenance-free deck was added off the sunroom for outdoor enjoyment and to catch a few rays.  The home has taken on a whole new look created by contrasting the gray siding with bright white windows and railings.  If you would like to see the remodeling and addition being built check out the video below.