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Help Your Home Sell Itself

Feb 8, 2019 | Interior Remodeling

tips to sell your home

4 Tips to Prepare for Putting It on the Market

If you plan to sell your home to downsize, relocate, or move up to your dream home, you have a lot riding on the outcome. You love your home, but prospective buyers come to it with a critical eye. A few strategic repairs go a long way to show your house at its best and get the most out of the sale. These tips will help prepare your home to sell quickly and for the best price.

Update the Exterior

First impressions have an impact. As soon as potential buyers pull up to your home, they’ll react to the front of the house and yard. You’ll want your home’s curb appeal to draw them in right away with a feeling that this home is attractive and everything is in good shape.  A power wash and an immaculate coat of paint on siding and trim are essential. Make sure your front door looks fresh and appealing. Paint or replace it if needed. An attractive door color, shiny doorknobs or handles, and clean windows make for an encouraging welcome.  Check out these ideas. Also, closely examine your landscaping. Remove any dead or dying plants, and maybe add a few new ones to freshen the look. Make sure mulch and ground cover all the ground; fill in any bare spots.

Get a potential buyer enthusiastically through the front door, and they’ll be ready to like your home from the start.

Make Sure the Floors Look Great

The first step over the threshold draws a buyer’s eyes to the floors. Whether your home has wood floors or carpet, ensure they are in good condition. For carpet, remove any visible indentations and put down new carpet in areas where it’s frayed or dirty. If you decide to replace your carpet, ensure it’s a single style and color throughout a given space. Neutral colors are usually best when showing and selling a house, so consider choosing a light tan, even if it’s not your favorite.

Woods floors are a huge plus for many home buyers, so consider removing carpets and refinishing wood floors if you have them underneath. Where you already have exposed wood floors, refinish them as needed to show off their warmth and charm.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Small updates to your bathroom can significantly impact how a buyer sees the whole house, and they have a great return on investment. Take an hour or two to redo the caulk around the sink and tub so there’s a clean, unbroken line free of grime. Replace any chipped tiles and give the whole floor a good steam clean. Switch out the toilet seat for a brand new one, and buy a neutral shower curtain and liner to ensure everything looks as clean and fresh as possible. You’ll be surprised how much better your bathroom looks after these tweaks.

Check the Air Conditioning and Heating

You’ll want prospective buyers to be equally comfortable in every room, no matter the weather. Make sure your air conditioning and heating are working correctly. They should start quickly and produce an even amount of cool or warm air throughout the house. Ideally, you’ve had your systems inspected annually by an HVAC specialist. If you haven’t, paying a professional to inspect and repair your systems is a wise investment. It may also be a good idea to clean the ducts before you show the home to buyers. That way, if they ask, you can assure them in good conscience that everything is in tip-top shape.

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