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Front Entry Remodel – Impact Your Home

Jan 11, 2019 | Featured, Outdoor Living

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Exterior Remodeling Updates to Your Home

The saying, “Make a Good First Impression”, also applies to the impression people have of your home from first glance.  If your home’s front entry is warm and welcoming, then the mood is set for visitors prior to your greeting them at the front door.  Effect your home’s initial impact on others by small to large changes to its front entrance and add curb appeal to any home.

Front Entry Design Ideas

As previously stated, your front entry makes a statement. Make sure the statement is representative of you and your home. There are many styles to choose from, but a rule of thumb is to make improvements while making the changes look like they have always been there. Since the new should blend seamlessly with the old, consider the style or type of home. Is it a ranch, colonial, Victorian, Cape etc.? You can study other homes built around the same time for clues to the materials you might desire to use.

To begin, determine if the changes are minor, such as paint and trim. You can spruce up the front of your home by painting the door and trim a complimentary color. Check the roof shingles to determine a color that might be suitable or your stone facing. After selecting the prominent color, then select two complimentary colors for trim and accents.

Remodeled front entry with double doors.

Front Door Remodeling

Perhaps the change could be a new front door. Feature a door that has stained glass or etched glass. Add side lights or a decorative window over the door or change to a double door of wood or fiberglass to add a “grand” look. Shutters at the door and windows could give the touch you are looking for paint in a complementary color to the siding and door. Accessorize with new hardware, such as a new doorknob, metal kick plate, and door knocker.

Lighting Your Front Entry

Lighting can be a simple, yet very impacting, touch to the “welcome factor” of your home’s front entry. Your home may be beautiful in the daylight, but is it dark and uninviting at night? Consider sconces or spotlights directed toward your home or pendants hanging above your front door. Architectural lighting can enhance your home by making it, as beautiful at night, as in the day and also provide safety for visitors. If you have architectural elements that are interesting, accent lighting can provide a dramatic touch that sets your home apart from the rest.

Adding a Front Porch

If the budget allows, adding a front porch to your entrance can provide enjoyable outdoor living space, as well as, a fresh new look to the exterior of your home. Small covered porches, wrap-around porches or multi-level porches are remodeling options, but can typically come with a higher price tag, so get estimates from reputable contractors based on your budget. If you already have a front porch, spruce it up with comfortable chairs, an outdoor area rug and large pots of colorful flowering plants.

Entrance with front porch.

Landscaping is the “Cherry on the Top”

Lastly, landscaping is the “cherry on the top” for a home’s first impression. If you have stairs leading to your front door, use mosaic tiles or quarry tiles to highlight the way. Concrete pavers, bluestone, and brick are also options for walks and stairs. Banisters and handrails can add pizazz and make a huge presence. Proper lighting for safety and to show off your hardscape and plantings will offer an inviting entry that can be a memorable experience for everyone who visits. Give your home “Wow”, that will set you apart from the rest of the homes in your community and consider remodeling or refreshing your front entry.


Front Entry Remodels Before & After