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Home Buying Tips

Nov 20, 2019 | Featured

home buying tips

Some things to think about when home buying.

home buying tips

Home buying can be quite stressful as you will be making one of the largest investments of your life.  But it doesn’t need to be a mystery.  Informed consumers can walk with confidence when searching to buy a home armed with several things to look for while shopping.  Hiring a real estate professional is a great asset and especially if you have acquired a home improvement specialist that can inform of remodeling budget costs as you make your final choice.

The information in this post is not all-inclusive but will get you started with enough information to consider as you shop for a house.  Prepare to take your time and not be rushed into this very important purchase.  The average American lives in their home for approximately nine years, so you want to be comfortable and secure in making your final selection.

Location, Location, Location

Sunday morning and you are ready to house hunt armed with your realtor’s list of homes in your budget range and the area you are considering.  This can be a very exciting time. Soon to be homeowners don’t often realize that there are steps to take to feel secure about purchasing a home.  One of the most important decisions to make prior to receiving your list of available homes is choosing a location.   Do the research because it is of the utmost importance.

Some important questions to ask:
  • Do the homes in the area hold their value?
  • How do the neighbors keep their yards and are they clean and well landscaped?
  • Is the neighborhood near a busy thoroughfare and if so how is the noise level?
  • Is it safe to walk or bike and are your children safe playing in the yard?
  • How is the home situated on the lot?
  • Is the area prone to flooding?
  • How far is the home from your workplace, the schools, shopping?
  • Pay attention to the traffic patterns in and around the neighborhood is there ease of access and more than one way to connect to major roadways?
  • Try to commute prior to purchasing.
  • What about public transportation?

While you can remodel to make a house a home for your family you cannot move the location of the home.

What does your family’s lifestyle require?

choosing the best home for your family As you begin your search for the perfect home for your family you will find there’s no “perfect” home.  You can prioritize a list of “must-have” options for the home as a minimum home buying requirement.

  • Choose how many bedrooms and bathrooms your family needs.
  • Do you need an extra sitting area away from the main gathering space for homework, reading or working from home?
  • What about the kitchen?  You can always remodel but sometimes this can be costly.  (Appliances should be the least of your concerns since they are easily replaced.)
  • Is the layout of the home conducive to your lifestyle? (Are there many small rooms or an open floorplan)
  • Enough closet and storage areas? (In older homes, the closets are minimal and smaller.)
  • What about windows and lighting?  Do you desire a bright and sunny home or one more secluded and under tree cover?  Is the home equipped with overhead lighting either recessed or fixtures and chandelier?

Look for these things when home buying:

  • Does the roof look new?  Can you tell if shingles are missing?
  • Check for leaks, mold or water damage.   Get under the sink and take a look at the pipes and around the tub and toilet to see if there is mold.  Also, check underneath windows sills.
  • Look for water damage concealed by paint.
  • Beware of the use of room fresheners covering up odors.
  • If music is playing or fans giving off white noise turn them off and check the noise level from the street or neighborhood.
  • Make sure no room is locked and off-limits.
  • Are there exterior cracks and tilt from ground erosion?
  • Look at possible drainage issues around the home.  Is water going to move away from the house?
  • Check homeownership history.  Has the house changed hands three years or less per owner?

Home buying should be an exciting time!  If you are an informed buyer you can walk in confidence as you navigate the process for searching and finding the best home for your family.  To further take the guesswork out find a reputable real estate agent.  Connect with a licensed contractor to aid in the process as they can advise cost-effective ways to create a home that will meet your family’s needs for years to come.

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