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How Much Remodeling Can Be Done for $50,000

Ideas for a $50,000 Renovation Budget

Do you dream on a daily basis what updates you can make to your homes?  More than likely the kitchen and bathrooms are first on the list of priorities.  As you daily dream of remodeling your home, several other projects may fall into your remodeling budget.   Give your home an update with grand curb appeal within your budget or a new staircase to create a beautiful focal point in the interior of your home.  Do you want to extend your living space without adding an addition?  You can provide your home with the extra square footage often utilized three seasons out of four with a screened porch.  Think about these ideas if you have a $50,000 renovation budget or less.

What a $50,000 Renovation Looks Like

Screened Porch

Your new screened porch can add another element of enjoyment to your home and draw you outdoors to appreciate the beauty, expand your home’s living space and rejuvenate the senses.  The necessity of screened porches has diminished over the years with the advent of air conditioning.  In days-gone-by screened porches were constructed to offer a respite from the heat inside the home with the airiness of open walls and the inhibitor of pesky bugs.  Families and friends gathered on the porch to enjoy time together and those called “sleeping porches” afforded families the opportunity to beat the heat by enjoying a night’s sleep in the cool evening breeze.

Are screened porches passé`? I say “no”.  Are you looking for landscaped and manicured lawns or woodsy private forests to settle among?  The beauty of natural surroundings cannot be surpassed by even the finest décor.  In a time where folks are rushing everywhere with tight schedules, the beauty of nature offers a feeling of peace and tranquility not otherwise experienced in our hectic days.  Of course, you can pull up a lawn chair and sit in the grass, but this is not an attractive option for many who do not want to trade the hectic pace of the day with swatting mosquitoes and dangerous UV rays.  For more information Screened Porch Ideas.

Screened porch renovation $50,000 or less


Your home’s staircase is often in a central part of the house and can be a true attention-getter. Whether your taste runs in the traditional or the contemporary style a home’s staircase can make a statement about the home’s design and owner. If you are building a new home or remodeling your present home there are many options for stairway styles. Choose a style to express your personal distinctive taste within your $50,000 renovation budget.  Your choices are only limited by your imagination, so create!  For more ideas and information Staircase Design Ideas.

floating staircase with glass rails and stainless steel

Front Entry

The saying, “Make a Good First Impression”, also applies to the impression people have of your home from the first glance.  If your home’s front entry is warm and welcoming, then the mood is set for visitors prior to your greeting them at the front door.  Effect your home’s initial impact on others by small to large changes to its front entrance and add curb appeal to any home. Does your front entry make a statement? Make sure the statement is representative of you and your home. There are many styles to choose from.  A rule of thumb is to make improvements while making the changes look like they have always been there. Since the new should blend seamlessly with the old, consider the style of your home.  For more ideas check out Front Entry Design.

Closets and Storage

Do you need additional space for your clothes and accessories but don’t want to install an addition?  So many homeowners struggle to find enough storage for their belongings, especially in the clothes closet.  Closets and Storage by Owings can offer a complete closet system for each of your closets. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more room you have to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Get excited!  We have several different styles to choose from and a myriad of options to complement your wardrobe needs for a $50,000 renovation budget or less.

We hope we have expanded your dreaming potential by offering just a few options for your $50,000 renovation budget.  Update your home step by step.  Speak to one of our remodeling consultants about your hopes and dreams for your family’s home. Our design studio and interior designers can help you to make selections and make your dream a reality!