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Interior Design and Mental Health

Sep 13, 2021 | Interior Remodeling

There’s something to be said about what a space can do to your mood. You know the feeling… Walking into a perfectly spacious and decorated spa for a day of pampering or walking into a new open concept restaurant where everything just seems to flow.

How did you feel? What was it about the room that made you feel that way? Was it the lighting? The aroma? The accent pieces? The sound? The creative use of space?

Walking into your own home can and should feel the same way.

Interior Design Ideas For Well Being

The way you plan and decorate a space has the power to evoke those feelings in both you and your guests who enter your home. And it’s up to you to decide what feelings to evoke. Do you want your home light and airy or moody and surprising, colorful and inspiring, or earthy and calming? Interior design can impact a person’s mood often in ways they do not understand.

Having a space in your home where you feel at peace is important—a place for you to escape the realities of your job, commute, sports schedules, or a playful puppy. It can be a dedicated space for you to relax, recharge, unwind, or even power up for your day, whether it’s a home gym, meditation room, or an indoor garden. Let’s explore how these spaces might not only work in your home but support your mental health.

Your At-Home Gym

Making your physical health a priority may improve your mental health too. Consider that a home gym may not be as expensive as you think. Then, imagine no more waiting your turn for the machine or feeling anxious trying out a new exercise. Determine the best use of your space. Is it big enough for a cycling bike or a few mats and weight racks? Once you decide your favorite type of workout and plan for the space, we can help with the rest. Our designers thoughtfully place spaces around your vision. Check out these basement gym ideas for more inspiration to see how we transformed this basement into our client’s dream at-home gym.

Your Meditation Space

Lighting can be an effective way to alter the mood of a space. Yoga and barre practices are both physical and meditation-based exercises. Lights are often dimmed to encourage an inner connection. Light bulbs of color or intensity throughout the day may help keep your body’s circadian rhythm in check. When thinking about your own space, consider using dimmer lights to allow your body to relax, unwind, and focus on your meditation.

Your Indoor Garden 

A recent Harvard University study supported the idea that natural elements such as plants within indoor environments can help individuals recover from stress and reduce anxiety. Some refer to these spaces as “biophilic interiors”. Easily bring nature indoors by adding popular indoor plants such as String of Pearls, Fiddle-Leaf Fig, or Snake Plants to your interiors. See this article for some quick and practical tips on how to take care of indoor plants if you’re new to plant parenthood. In your own space, consider plants that appear whimsical to allow your mind to transport you from indoors to outdoors without ever having to leave your home.

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