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Interior Door Styles

Mar 16, 2020 | Interior Remodeling

interior glass sliding barn door

Interior doors can bring beauty and style to any room.  With so many interior door styles available consider them as a design element, especially with the many choices of color and hardware.  Most homes have a good number of interior doors which includes closet doors.  Interior doors serve a practical function from room to room, but hey can also provide a prominent design element.  What is your unique, personal style?   Whatever your home decor there is a door design perfect for you!

Interior Door Design Options

Panel Doors:  This type of door usually has three or four horizontal rails and three vertical stiles.  Filling the in-between spaces is a thinner product often with some type of molding surrounding it.  The look is textured and great for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Flush Doors:  These are flat slabs and usually the least expensive.  Manufactured as hollow-core doors they are lighter weight and do well in contemporary settings. The doors can be stained if made from hardwood veneer but most other materials should be painted.

Pocket Doors: Sliding into the walls when fully opened allow for the doorway to be completely open and do not take up floor space.  This style of door can be of the double or single variety but require wall space free of electric or plumbing to work.

French Doors: Providing a much larger door opening these doors are predominantly seen in traditional decor.  In most cases, they include glass panels and often chosen for exterior doorways will look amazing as interior room dividers.

Bi-Fold Doors:  This door style is mostly used for closets and can be paneled, louvered or slab and minimizes the swing space that is needed for a hinged door.

By-Pass Doors:  Doors that slide one in front of the other.  In a bypass or sliding door, one section of the door passes in front of another. They are often used on closets.

The Barn Door

Definition: A popular top-hung sliding door type inspired by countryside barns often used in modern and contemporary styles. 

The benefits of sliding barn doors:

  • Eliminating the door swing makes sliding doors space-saving.
  • They add texture, color, and style to a room in a big way.
  • Not permanently closing off a room they give an open and spacious look.

You can choose from three different barn door applications; single, double, and bypass doors.  Depending on the doorway the single or double is most common.  The double barn door will part in the center moving one door to the left and one to the right.  If wall space is at a premium then the single barn door will move either one way or the other.  This interior door style can be a great option for closets, room openings and showers to name a few.  The hardware used to hang the door is as important as the material from which the door is fabricated.  Interesting rustic iron to sleek, shiny chrome this necessary accessory is like jewelry to the barn door application.  To see some unique hardware applications check out Signature Hardware.

interior glass sliding barn door What material and color do you want for your door?  Barn doors can be fabricated from rustic wood even from an authentic barn. Do you have a modern or contemporary style? They are also created from painted wood, some with glass inserts or decorative metalwork as a design element and stained glass.  In this image of a master bathroom suite, these stunning barn doors were created from dried grass that was pressed between two pieces of glass and then trimmed in stained wood with brass accessories.  Beautiful and unique!  Create your own special art form with a unique barn door.

Barn Door Gallery

Add texture and color to any room you choose by creating doors that pop or blend in.  Do you want doors that stand out then choose a texture and or color that contrasts with the wall on which it is hung?  Does your taste run more toward the clean lines of the contemporary?  Take a look at the doors in this high rise condominium in Baltimore City below.  Our client preferred that the doors just go away.  Floor to ceiling height these very tall doors blend with the wall in color and with the press and close latches are barely recognizable as doors!

Interior Trim & Molding

Another element that can create a stunning first impression is interior trim.  Coupled with outstanding door choices you can choose from many styles of interior trim and molding.  From ceiling to floor trim can add a rich and luxurious dimension to your home.  With so many options available; coffered ceilings to baseboards the right style can make a lasting impression when entering a room.  Why not add a less costly interior design element by choosing new base molding or crown molding to make your home stand out!  To learn more about interior trim see our posts Home Trim Molding and Coffered Ceiling Design.

ceiling trim and modling