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Design Ideas to Make the Kitchen Breakfast Bar of Your Dreams

Jul 9, 2020 | Kitchen

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the busiest place in the house. It’s where meals are made and memories are shared. It’s where the day begins over a cup of coffee and a hot breakfast. It’s where birthday cakes are baked and family recipes are passed down.

It makes sense then that homeowners often focus on the kitchen for redesign projects. In recent years, the concept of a breakfast bar has transitioned from a trend to a staple in many homes. If you’re looking for inspiration to create a breakfast bar that wows guests and family alike, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered our favorite tips and tricks to create the ideal breakfast bars for kitchens of all sizes and layouts.

The Concept of the Kitchen Work Triangle

Before we get into inspiration for a breakfast bar countertop display, let’s talk about how to make your kitchen as efficient as possible. Homeowners sometimes run into problems when their kitchen works against them. To avoid that problem, consider the kitchen work triangle. This concept places your sink, refrigerator, and stove in a triangular fashion. By doing so, you can make sure you have easy access to the most important parts of your kitchen.

Breakfast Bar Countertop Ideas

Does your kitchen have a landing area? This is a good place to leave free of any items so you can have a safe spot to place hot plates and pans. This spot is usually adjacent to your sink, refrigerator, or oven.

Once you’ve reserved your landing area, look for a countertop space that is big enough to fit a few bar stools, plates, and mugs. This countertop can be extended to create more space. Countertops on the outside of your kitchen and islands are the most functional areas for a breakfast bar. Butcher block is an ideal choice for affordable countertops that can withstand a great deal of use.

Breakfast Bar Ideas for Small Kitchens

You don’t have to give up your dream of a breakfast bar just because your kitchen is on the smaller side. A curved countertop can help you add the space you need without taking up valuable real estate. This shape gives a more contemporary look and works well in open concept spaces (where the kitchen extends into the living room).



Many smaller kitchens come in a u-shape. This shape is perfect for a breakfast bar because you can place barstools on the outside of the kitchen. If needed, you can simply extend the countertop. A set of pendant lights helps differentiate the space from the cooking area.

How about an L-shaped kitchen? This layout is a bit more open than a u-shaped kitchen. If you have enough room, you can create two eating areas: a breakfast bar on the island and an eat-in space outside of the “l.” Even a small island will provide enough room for a cozy breakfast space for two!

Your kitchen should be the gathering place for your loved ones in your home. At Owings Brothers Contracting, we live to make your vision come to life. To get started, reach out to us for a design consultation.