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2020 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Aug 14, 2020 | Kitchen

blue kitchen island with white countertop

Kitchen Trends

Take a look at some kitchen remodeling trends we have seen surface during 2020.  Since the kitchen is the heart of most homes expressing your personal style is an important decision.  The choices available to consumers for color, texture, style, and function in cabinets, appliances, lighting, flooring, exhaust hoods, offers you the chance to break out of the norm.  Kitchens tend to be the place family and guests gather daily so they should reveal your unique taste.  We will share a few trends we have seen so far in 2020.

Cool Colors and Warm Accents

White and gray cabinetry is a neutral choice and will probably never go out of style.  Using neutral colors offers you the opportunity to add color in flooring, backsplash, paint, and even appliances.  The safety of neutrals cannot be compared but its important to balance the cool colors of white and gray with warmth.  Choosing a warm countertop material, paint, or even warm metals for the exhaust hood, hardware and faucets can give your kitchen a soft and inviting feel.  Even in the modern style, a sterile look isn’t usually desired.

Double Duty

If you are looking to expand the function in your kitchen you may want to consider a double island design for your remodel.  Kitchen islands offer great work areas for the chef as well as additional seating for dining.  Adding an island to your kitchen design can offer more storage as well.  We have seen a rise in the remodeling trends for double islands as people entertain more at home.  One of the islands can be for meal prep and the other for serving or for seating.  If you choose to incorporate dual sinks cleaning up will be quick and efficient.  For more check our Kitchen Island Design Ideas post.

double island kitchen design

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

2020 offers color options for cabinets like never before.  Most popular are shades of blue and green and black is also bold neutral color homeowners have chosen.  The first decision needed is how much of a permanent commitment you are willing to make.  Choosing color in your cabinetry will most likely be something you will need to live with for quite a while.  With that said it can create a look in your kitchen with WOW factor!  We sell DuraSupreme cabinetry.  Take a look at their gallery.

Smooth, Clean Cabinetry

The modern or contemporary style has been dominating the kitchen market for several years as homeowners are looking for smooth, clean lines.  To help aid in promoting this look handleless kitchen cabinets are finding popularity.  The press and close system provides the ability to gently press the top corner or side of the cabinet door and voila’ it opens!  What makes this even more wonderful is the ease when cleaning.  One easy swipe covers the cabinet door without any obstruction of knobs and pulls to work around.  The effect is cool and modern.

Exhaust Hoods

There has been an increase in kitchen remodeling trends for custom exhaust hoods.  Choosing this focal point in most kitchens is important and should be well thought out.  The exhaust hood looms over the kitchen island or perimeter cabinets and is installed at a height that meets the eye.  What we have found is that there is an inexhaustible (no pun intended) supply of size, shape, and materials to choose from for your kitchen exhaust hood.  The more amazing the hood the higher the price but for some consumers, it’s worth it to present their best foot forward.

Remodeling trends come and go but you can choose a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and expresses your personal flair to enjoy for years.  Selecting colors, materials, and layout that provides a functional and efficient kitchen resilient for daily use will never cause regret.  If trepidation rises regarding adding color through cabinets choose a neutral theme and accent with color in choosing your backsplash, wall paint, and accessories.  For other kitchen remodeling ideas check out our gallery page.