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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Jun 2, 2017 | Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Increases Home Value

The first remodeling project most homeowners consider is the kitchen.  They are looking for function and beauty, but a primary concern with remodeling is cost versus value.  The decision to remodel your kitchen is a consideration sure to increase value in any home.  Most house seekers are looking at this most important room in the house as a deal breaker when purchasing.  The following are some of the trends for current kitchen remodeling.


Neutral cabinet colors, such as white and gray, are very popular to offer a monochromatic palette or as a backdrop for splashes of color.  Glass doors in lighted cabinets showcase colorful dishware and bring a brightness to any kitchen.  You can’t go wrong with white cabinets, they never go out of season, but gray tones are now bringing in a close second for homeowners choice.  When choosing a neutral cabinet many have chosen to coordinate the island with stained wood or contrasting color.

Counter Top & Back-splash

Countertops and backsplash are the crowning jewels for the kitchen cabinet.  Many homeowners who are interested in a monochromatic theme will jazz up the kitchen with a colorful tile back-splash.  Or keeping the neutral color scheme they add interest and texture by choosing glass, stone and ceramic for the back-splash to compliment the countertop.  Quartz has become the popular choice for counters, but granite is a close second, which is a change from past trends.  Marble has been climbing and we see this material as a third selection by many homeowners.  Choosing a darker top with a lighter cabinet offers a dramatic look, where a lighter color top and back-splash continues to offer light reflection and a sense of spaciousness.  Subway tile is often chosen for a contemporary design due to its simplistic smooth look and feel, but placing it in a hexagon pattern gives it an interesting zing!

Sinks & Faucets

Necessary items for every kitchen plan are the sinks and faucets.  According to information from interior designers, it appears the “farmhouse sink” is still a favorite  This old fashioned sink used by our great grandmothers in the family farmhouse allowed for large pot filling, washing of vegetables, clothing, and babies.  Another name the industry uses is “apron sink”.  Following close is the 30″ stainless under mount sink and also gaining ground the integrated quartz sink, which is seamless with the countertop making for easy cleanup.

The decision on what faucet to pair with your kitchen sink depends on use and style.  One of the most popular choices is the gooseneck faucet.  These faucets are raised higher than standard faucets and can come in a variety of finishes.  The gooseneck faucet can be purchased with single or double hot and cold handles, as well as, the touchless variety, now on the market.  These faucets are very practical with the farm sink, offering a deep sink and a raised faucet and allowing room for large pots and platters to be easily cleaned and minimize over-splash onto the cabinet below.

The beauty of choice is evident in the kitchen remodeling arena.  So many styles and finishes to meet your needs and desires.  You can hire a kitchen designer or choose a construction firm that have designers on staff in the showroom.  Many will be able to offer a computer layout of your desired kitchen in digital form, so that you can make an informed decision and take the first step to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams.