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Modern Design

Classic and Clean Modern Design

The Modern Style originated around the turn of the 20th century. Derived from German and Scandinavian architecture and design the Modern design is classic, clean and simple. Popular between the 1920s to 1950s this design has taken on different names such as Postmodern and Midcentury Modern.  Often the modern design coordinates many natural products such as wood, metal, concrete, and glass in a neutral monochromatic theme.  Frills and fluffy aren’t a part of this style instead horizontal and vertical lines are sleek and smooth.

A 1952 rancher settled among trees on 5 acres of land in Ruxton is a paradise in the midst of the city.  Completely remodeling the home from the traditional style this family made it their own with a warm and welcoming modern design. Place Architecture created the design to fulfill the client’s dream home.  Which included lots of windows letting the beautiful gardens become a part of the interior decor.

Modern Bathroom With A View

No room was left untouched by the beautiful landscape outdoors including the master bathroom!  A new walk-in was shower designed with a large window that looks into the natural surroundings gives the feel of bathing in a lush paradise waterfall.  How would you like to wash your hands at your vanity sink with a large window overlooking nature for a Garden of Eden experience?

The zero-threshold shower enjoys a plate glass wall that gives the space a larger look. A horizontal niche offers room for all that you need to enjoy a spa-like experience.  Natural light spills into the entire bathroom through the 5-foot by 4-foot window and offers the bather a relaxing rainfall shower.  Floating toilets (wall-mounted)  are very much a part of the minimalist style that is modern.  All plumbing is hidden behind the wall and the floor area is clear. Our clients incorporated these commodes in the master and powder room.  The same is true with the floating vanity.  By allowing more open floor space gives the small room a spacious look and feel.

Our modern design master bathroom was created from a dingy hall bath with no natural light and a closet.  The remodel was kept within the footprint of the existing home.  You too can expand your master bathroom by incorporating two small rooms whether a bathroom and bedroom or closet.  Call us and we can design your own personal spa experience!  If you would like to see more on shower design check out this post.

Modern Kitchen Adds Warmth

A small utilitarian kitchen was resurrected as part of an open floor plan with the dining and living areas.  The existing first-floor living space enjoyed much natural light with many windows.  Our client decided to expand the flow of light with larger floor-to-ceiling windows and created a more open-air experience.  By incorporating the kitchen and dining room into the living room the eye can all at once see the various textures, colors, and materials that make this modern design soothing and spacious.

Can you see the warmth that walnut wood lends in the modern cabinetry of the kitchen and living areas?   Also, an added touch is the walnut boxed wood-slatted ceiling treatment defining the kitchen space.  The dark-stained walnut complements the light and bright maple hardwood floor throughout the home.  Light reflective white quartz countertops and subway tile produce just the right amount of contrast to make this modern living space interesting.

Before Modern Design Remodel