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Shower Design

Feb 1, 2019 | Bathroom

Shower Design Ideas

Many people start their day with a shower.  The morning ritual is pivotal to waking up and embracing their day.  Others gravitate to the shower each evening to wash away the stress of the day and settle themselves for a good night’s sleep.  Whichever camp you find yourself the shower is a daily ritual by most everyone.  We have compiled some helpful information to aid you in updating and making your shower the best it can be!

Walk In Showers

The master bathroom completed by Owings Brothers in the above photo has a minimalist style and a knock-out view.  This design calls for a large curbless walk in shower with pebble floor and no shower door.  In place of a door, glass wall panels were installed allowing natural light to flow into the balance of the space from the picture window offering a more spacious look. Floor to ceiling wall tile makes the bathroom conducive to the steamy effects of several jets and open style.

Something to consider when choosing to include a large walk in shower design is the possibility of cold spots, the places where the hot water does not extend.  Also, the elimination of a door to close can allow the steam to easily escape and make for chilly areas within your walk in shower.  On the upside, a shower without a door or a frameless door is easier to clean. Take into consideration the size of your water tank by gauging the amount of water needed to enjoy a hot shower.

Many busy professional or seniors are opting to remove the tub in their master bath and add a large walk in shower.  This can easily be done with most bathroom configurations.   When the tub is removed the space available grows for increasing your present walk in shower or adding a new one.  The wasted space around the edges of the tub is eliminated and incorporated in the new shower design.  By eliminating the tub the tub wall no longer divides the bathroom space giving the bathroom a larger appearance.

Walk In showers with a curbless design is perfect for aging in place needs.  Wheelchairs can roll in or homeowners with walkers can easily shuffle through the shower opening without regard to the swing of the door or stepping up over the curb.  This allows for better mobility and safety for those with health issues.

Walk In Shower Photo Gallery

Shower Tile Ideas

The choice for tile or other bathroom products is endless as is the design you choose to incorporate.  We have listed a few of the various tile products below with photos to help you visualize them in your own bathroom shower.  Our designers can help you make choices that fit your style and taste.

This bathroom above incorporates Crossover Sabbia wall and floor porcelain tiles and mosaic tiles installed vertically as an accent on the shower walls and a wet/dry seat.  The same color scheme is echoed in the metallic P&L Circles above the freestanding tub.  Beautiful monochromatic theme with a modern style brings this 1998 master bath into the present for these homeowners including state of the art self-flushing toilet and hook up and niches for tablets to keep up with the latest news.

Pebble shower floors are very popular.  As you can see by this photo the shower bench and floor are covered in natural stones.  This type of surface can be a natural stone with all the natural dimensions or it can be cut so that that the surface is flat and level.  In this method, the stone is sliced in half to make a smoother surface.  More homeowners are choosing this flooring for its resilience and the earthy look and feel.  Pebble floors are more durable than any other surface in the shower.

The shower can be a work of art as you design the tile patterns and textures.  Many of the showers that homeowners are choosing are large with room for two to bathe and the surfaces are covered in a variety of products like the bathroom shown above.  Three different surface products were chosen and two separate shower heads and controls one at each end.  This particular shower is also a steam shower and the elongated bench is for reclining as you enjoy your own private steam room.


Enjoy the experience of showering in your own one of a kind shower.  This homeowner chose a vertical mosaic tile pattern to wake up the body before the start of the day.  The curved walls and custom made niches are finished with glass to allow natural light to flow into the shower from the large picture window. A very unique style to fit the homeowner’s own personal taste.  This is a curbless design steam shower and incorporates a bench for reclining and fit for two.  Read about the benefits of a steam shower.

As you can see by the photos shown each and every shower is designed specifically for the client.  The limitless options available allow our designers to make your bathroom unique and one-of-a-kind.  Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our experienced design staff and allow us to build to your specifications or check out our bathroom remodeling services and gallery.