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Modern Pantry Ideas

Sep 30, 2020 | Closets and Storage, Kitchen

pantry ideas

Ahh, the pantry. One of the most favorite spaces in the kitchen, where snacks, comfort food, and all of the provisions you need for your best recipes are stored. Many homeowners look for ways to modernize their pantries to fit the rest of their kitchen. Striking the ideal spot between utility and design is the secret to upgrading your pantry’s looks and functionality.

We’ve gathered some of our most essential tips for creating that modern pantry of your dreams. Whether your style is more farmhouse, contemporary, or transitional, you’ll find the inspiration you need below!

Modern Pantry Designs

Modern pantry designs bring both a touch sophistication and elegance to your kitchen. They can store all of the food you need without appearing clunky or worse, crammed. Walk-in style pantries, shelving storage solutions, and pull-out sliding doors are some of the most effective methods of upgrading your style.

Modern Walk-In Pantry Ideas

Love a walk-in closet? Then, you’ll adore a walk-in pantry! This style of pantry gives you tons of space for storage. It also gives you a better flow in your kitchen’s layout but keeping the pantry out of the way. Better yet, you can keep any appliances that you don’t need on hand in the pantry, freeing up your counter space.

To give your walk-in pantry the most modern look, we recommend incorporating a mix of shelving, countertops, and cabinets. Choose a sleek neutral shade to keep things looking fresh. You can even display some of your favorite dishes, glasses, and serving pieces when they’re not in use. This style of pantry is very attractive to buyers, adding plenty of resell value to your home.

Kitchen Pantry Door Ideas

You have plenty of options for your pantry that go beyond your typical panel door with a brass doorknob. If you prefer a more cozy, homey style, a farmhouse pantry door will work well. A sliding barn door is a great option. Or you may prefer a set of slightly weathered french doors to give you a beautiful, lived-in look. Add a set of hanging shelves to door small items you don’t want to get lost.

A pair of mirrored pantry doors look picture perfect in a contemporary kitchen. They add a modern finish and look especially inviting with a walk-in pantry.

Modern Pantry Shelves

No matter the style of pantry you choose, you’ll need good shelving to keep things organized and your kitchen efficient. A pullout style pantry works well in a small kitchen without a built-in pantry. Or you can add it to your kitchen to store on-hand items such as olive oil, spices, and baking supplies. These pantries can be designed with a pair of pull-out drawers or even a set of vertically stacked shelves.

We recommend mixing and matching your shelving solutions. Wire baskets can be used to store packages of pasta, rice, beans, and other dry goods. Stackable clear containers can house cereals, flour, sugar, and more. Add in free-standing towers for extra space and organize pots and pans on hanging shelves. You can even plug in a mini-fridge to store extra drinks when entertaining friends or hosting family.

As you explore your options for modernizing your kitchen pantry, be sure to reach out to our team. We can help you find inspiration to create the kitchen of your dreams. Take a look at some of our recent projects for more ideas.