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Clever Renovation Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Mar 8, 2022 | Kitchen, Outdoor Living

Bringing the outside in has long been the norm as far as interior trends go. From pretty plants to warm woods, rustic stones, and natural light, we look for ways to feel connected to the outside world and nature. However, one new trend in design turns this norm on its head. It urges you to bring your inside out. By this, we mean homeowners are increasingly adding key areas of their homes, especially kitchens, outside. And if you imagine that outdoor living limits areas to just the bare bones, you’d be wrong. Your outdoor kitchen can be as (or even more!) sophisticated than an indoor kitchen with all the trimmings, bells, and whistles you want.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen is always a good idea. After all, more space is a plus, and it can give you additional room for both living and entertaining. Installing an outdoor kitchen may also boost your return on investment if you are ever looking at selling your home in the future.

Outdoor kitchens offer far more extensive design space to play around with compared to indoor kitchens. For example, an outdoor kitchen can easily accommodate specialty equipment, like home pizza ovens, which are hard to install indoors. Outdoor kitchens are modern rather than fussy or outdated. They lend a sense of openness and freedom, both aspects that are not to be taken lightly after the last couple of years of being confined indoors.

What’s more, it puts this area on display in a way that would be hard to replicate with an indoor kitchen. Don’t forget that being outside can positively impact your mind and well-being. This home renovation idea seems like a win-win option all around!

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The first thing to do is plan your kitchen around your needs and budget. There’s something to suit everyone, but it is essential to set parameters. If your budget doesn’t allow for more expensive options, it’s probably not a good idea to envision radiant heating for your outdoor kitchen countertop or a custom grill, for example.

Look at the necessities first and then add in the luxuries like an infrared rotisserie, custom granite, bars, wine coolers, specialty refrigerators, a fire pit, or a sear zone.
You might want to look at installing a grill first, as they are difficult to change later if you get them built into the masonry. You can pick between smokers and wood-fired grills to see what suits you best. Or, if you want to go all out, choose an Argentinian-style grill where you can adjust the height and get precise temperature control.

outdoor living area

An outdoor living area equipped with a top of the line Wolf Grill and beautiful Teak dining table and chairs. See our Outdoor Living Gallery.

You can go two ways: one is to go big and install more permanent aspects like a large stone kitchen. Alternatively, you can opt for some moveable components like countertops and tabletops that give you more freedom to build and change your design as you go along. Add in custom cabinetry, the proper lighting, seating, a built-in grill, hood, oven, sink, refrigerator, covered stove, ceiling fans, heaters, and granite or chiseled countertops to up the style and usefulness factor of your space.

Try to make room in your budget for cabinetry that is weather-proof and storage, so you don’t have to worry about the state of your things in any season. A roof covering like an open-gable is something you need to protect your equipment from the elements. You can even get retractable walls and screens.

Apart from the essentials, look at the design for your accents, tiles, floors, surfaces, and backsplash to ensure it not just enhances your outdoor area but also matches your home’s façade while retaining its character. Be creative here, and play with wood, brick, and stone combinations to create a unique effect.

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