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Outdoor Radiant Heating System

Outdoor Heating Systems

Tired of shoveling snow, those of you in the colder regions of the US?  Perhaps you are considering moving domiciles due to this laborious task, especially in your driveway.  Many homeowners are aging in place and the thought of continuing snow removal is a deterrent to staying in their family home.  We have a solution for you, outdoor radiant heating systems for all paved surfaces.

Radiant Heat: Easy Maintenance 365 Days A Year

Do you enjoy entertaining outdoors and have a wonderful outdoor living space?  Unfortunately, for many in the U.S., this is a favorite pastime only fifty percent of the year.  As soon as the temperatures drop and frost is alighting on the ground homeowners roll up this living space and store it till the sunshine and warmth return.  What if you could enjoy your time alfresco all year long?  We have a solution to this dilemma – radiant heating systems.

The truth is no one enjoys shoveling snow and chipping away at ice on their patio, walkways, or driveway.  This is even more true for the 76 million Boomers in our nation who are aging in place.  As we age the chore of shoveling snow and especially the risk of falling on icy surfaces can be dangerous!  Perhaps you aren’t considering having your meals outside in December but would prefer not to deal with moving snow and ice off your walkways and driveway.  Think about having an outdoor radiant heating system installed on these surfaces.

The Technology

Maybe you are already familiar with radiant heat indoors for your bathroom or any room in the house.  Are you experiencing the enjoyment of crawling out of bed on a cold winter morning to dash into the bathroom and finding your bathroom floor warm and toasty?  Many homeowners have opted for this luxury inside their domain but haven’t considered the possibility of including it in their outdoor living space.  Your patio can be a place for year-round entertaining without the bitter cold cramping your style.  Adding radiant heat to your space and including the many options for patio heaters can extend the life of your outdoor living.  This technology melts snow before it accumulates and therefore prohibits ice from forming.  The heated stones or pavers radiate the heat to the furniture that rests upon it keeping things comfortable even in the winter.

outdoor radiant heating system

These heating systems are versatile and can be configured to fit your patio, driveway, or walkways.  The electrical mats and cables can be positioned on a layer of sand with the pavers atop or can be set in concrete just below the surface when poured.  A manual switch can be used to engage the system or the homeowner is welcome to install an automatic sensor-detection system.  Of course, installing radiant heating systems before installing a patio or driveway is the best way but if you are in the market for repaving your driveway you may consider including it in your plans.

You can enjoy your outdoor living space all year long.  Contact Owings Mechanical to discuss your particular needs and schedule your installation today!